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Mariah Carey Lifts The Lid On Her Bizarre Celebrity World

Mariah Carey Lifts The Lid On Her Bizarre Celebrity World1

The five-time Grammy winner has just released a first-look at her new eight-part docu-series called Mariah’s World, in which she promises to clear up many misconceptions around her ‘princess’ reputation.

In the teaser trailer the mum-of-two can be heard telling people to: “Forget the image. Forget the rumours,” as she added of the special: “I owe this to the fans.”

The trailer for the E! reality series begins with Mariah making herself laugh as she practices a myriad of ways to introduce herself.

“I am not Cinderella. My life has not been a fairy tale,” the star can then be heard saying, among a collection of celebratory and glamorous images that seemingly prove the contrary.

She can be seen sporting long, sparkly dresses, climbing out of private jets, and posing for photographs among clips from a fireworks display as the trailer continues.

The 46-year-old also explains to the camera why she’s wearing a pair of over-sized sunglasses despite being indoors.


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“I have a rule which states that I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses,” she says, as the trailer flashes to more footage of her putting on sunglasses in fluorescent lighting to prove her point, before she adds: “I know it’s very Nineties.”

Although an unabashed plug for her long-running Sweet Sweet Fantasy world tour, Mariah says the series also promises to document her upcoming nuptials.

The singer is already calling her wedding, which is expected to happened after her tour dates in Europe, the US and Africa, “the most important thing that’s ever happened”.

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