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Margot Robbie’s ‘Psychotic’ Beauty Routine

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To help promote her cover appearance in the next issue of Vogue, our own Margot Robbie appears in an hilarious spoof of Patrick Bateman’s morning cleansing routine scene in cult classic American Psycho.

Directed by Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the three-minute send-up opens with a view of Margot’s sparse and impeccably clean apartment.

The camera pans to a script on bed for a movie called Harley Quinn vs. Harley Davidson — which is now called Suicide Squad — before Margot’s voiceover begins.

“I live in a charming little five-bedroom in Beachwood Canyon,” the Australian actress says calmly in a slow, unemotional American accent, as she is seen walking around the apartment in a silk nightie and sheer robe. She seems to see no irony in the calling a five-bedroom little.

“My name is Margot Robbie. I’m 25 years old,” she continues, walking into the bathroom and watching her high-tech toilet automatically open before she sits down on it.

As she pees, she looks over at a signed Hamilton poster on her bathroom wall, which goes out of focus as she looks at her reflection in the framed glass.

“I believe in taking care of myself. In a balanced diet. In a rigorous exercise routine,” she continues, opening her fridge to reveal not much but a container of Vegemite, juice, an eye mask, and two metal spoons.

“In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I’ll hold two cold spoons dipped in lapsang souchong [a black tea] over my eyes,” she says, placing those spoons on her eyes.


She then walks outside to her terrace and begins to do yoga on a rug. As she bends and turns, she keeps the spoons steady on her eyes, looking quite comical as she serenely turns toward the camera.

“I like to meditate while I work on my core, even though I was born with a six-pack, she dead-pans.

Still confused about why the clip is so popular? Below is the original to give you a visual reference.

Oh, and the parody above is presented “with apologies to Bret Easton Ellis”, for those obsessive Bateman fans who may be offended.

Written by The Carousel

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