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MacGyver Reboot Ordered By US TV Giant

MacGyver Reboot Ordered By CBS

American TV network CBS has jumped on the nostalgia bandwagon and ordered a modern-day pilot of the 1985-1992 series that starred Richard Dean Anderson as secret agent Angus MacGyver.

According to reports, the reboot will be a “re-imagining” and will follow a 20-something MacGyver using his skills to help save innocent lives.

In the original series MacGyver worked as an agent for the US government, solving seemingly impossible life-threatening situations, often with little more than his knife and a paperclip.

MacGyver Reboot Ordered By CBS 3

Fast and Furious director James Wan has been attached to direct the upcoming reboot, while former Happy Days star Henry Winkler is executive producer.

“He gets recruited into a clandestine organisation where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening,” The Hollywood Reporter says of the remake.

Fan reaction has been mixed to the news that the mullet-wearing action hero is making a comeback.

One tweeted: “unnecessary #remakes and reboots update: #MACGYVER.”

“Who needs a #MacGyver remake? The original can’t be beaten or even duplicated.”

Another added: “The only way I will watch the #MacGyver reboot is if the new star has a mullet.”

No word yet on whether the semi-retired Richard, now 66, will be coaxed into making a cameo.

MacGyver Reboot Ordered By CBS 1

Although he pops up occasionally at fan events, the former Stargate star has nowadays shifted his focus to being a single dad to his 17-year-old daughter Wylie Anderson in Malibu.

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