Lights, Camera, Action. Your Favourite Movies

Lights, Camera, Action. Your Favourite Movies


Let’s get ready for the Oscars by taking a look back on the best movies of the year – we check out your favourite movies from an E-Harmony survey.

The best and worst picture awards for women goes to…

The Best:

  • The most desirable Oscar winning movie that a woman can list is 1971’s The French Connection, with fans enjoying a 100% increase in communication rates
  • Also a popular choice The Godfather part 2 saw fans experiencing a confidence boosting increase of 62% in their communication rates
  • 1979’s Kramer vs Kramer lovers enjoy 60% more conversation requests

The Worst:

What movies should women avoid admitting their love for?

  • 1981 Chariots of Fire sees its fans running head first into a 45% decrease in communication
  • 1953’s From Here to Eternity reduces communication by a staggering 86%
  • Another classic, 1949’s All the Kings Men devotees experience less communication by 74%


The best and worst picture awards for men goes to…

The Best:

  • For men, mention of 1983’s Terms of Endearment sees an increase in communication of 184%
  • 2013’s 12 Years A Slave increases communication rates by 138%
  • Listing 1981’s Chariots of Fire increases in communication rates by 128%.

The Worst:

What movies should men avoid admitting their love for?

  • Any mention of 1989’s Driving Miss Daisy, drives a significant decrease of 50% less communication
  • 2011’s The Artist paints a lonely picture with any mention reducing communication by 44%
  • Male members would also be wise to avoid 1970’s Patton, as listing it resulted in 44% less communication

Through the ages…

Different ages have different preferences when it comes to movie choice.

  • For those 18-24 the best bet is to mention 1984’s Amadeus. Users who do so receive an average of 184% increase in communication. In the same age group it’s advisable to avoid the following movies: The Sting, Annie Hall, and Rain Man as each film mention decreases communication rates by a full 100%
  • 25-34 year olds should mention 1980’s Ordinary People, with those doing so receiving a huge 204% increase in communication. In the same age range, any mention of 2012 Argo will decrease communication rates by 81%, 1992’s Unforgiven will decrease rates by 100% as will 1956 classic Around the World in Eighty Days
  • The same movie has the exact opposite effect on 50-64 year olds, leading to 161% increase in communication requests
  • In the 65+ age range the best movie for lonely hearts is 2015’s Spotlight, with those listing the 2015 Oscar winner receiving 78.9% more communication requests


Personality types by movie choice

Interestingly, when combining the data with eharmony’s compatibility based questions, user’s movie preference can sometimes correlate with specific personality traits. For example, looking for a clever lover might be as simple as asking how they feel about ‘The Godfather.’

  • Aussie Fans of The Titanic seem to be more athletically minded and agreeable than the average
  • Lord of the Rings lovers are slightly more neurotic than average, they are slightly less fitness-inclined and are slightly less agreeable than the average. Aussie Female fans of the trilogy are also less romantic than average
  • eharmony singles who are fans of The Departed score a bit higher than the average on the attractiveness scale. They are more likely to value monogamy in relationships (especially evident in male fans) and score higher on cleverness. Females who list The Departed are also more athletic than average
  • Fans of The Godfather score higher than the average user on the cleverness factor
  • Fans of The Sound of Music score lower on athleticism than average, they are slightly more agreeable than average