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Kyly And Michael Clarke Share First Baby Pics

Kyly And Michael Clarke Share First Baby Pics

On the eve of his departure in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, the former Australian cricket captain didn’t hold back in expressing his emotion.

He captioned one of two photos with, “The greatest Xmas present a father could ask for. My Angel.”

Kyly And Michael Clarke Share First Baby PicsAside from a photo of her tiny hand intertwined with her parents’, it’s the first time Kelsey Lee has been seen on social media since her arrival in November, five weeks ahead of schedule.

The shots also put to rest conjecture about whether the Clarkes had sold their baby story to a magazine.

Kyly And Michael Clarke Share First Baby PicsThe Herald Sun claimed the pair was hoping to spark a bidding war between publications, alleging that they had tried to land a $250,000 exclusive deal for the first pictures of their family.

“Michael and Kyly have been offered several deals but have declined. They are a private couple who are not interested in selling photographs of their daughter,” said a spokesman for the couple.

Michael later took to Twitter to laugh off the claims, telling followers: “Hahahahahaha now that is a funny story. $250k for photos of my little girl. Please. Some families aren’t for sale!”

While Michael has been in training for his first Sydney to Hobart race, Kyly says all her spare time outside of caring for her daughter is taken up with writing.

She’s just announced she’s about to release a new inspirational book called True to You.

Kyly And Michael Clarke Share First Baby Pics“So very excited to share that soon I will be releasing my own book that I have been writing for some time,” she writes on Instagram, next to a shot of her at the laptop.

“True to You is about learning to love with all your heart; be vulnerable, and beautiful things will happen.”

“I believe that to live a life of fulfillment, we must find calmness, gratitude and positivity in all aspects of life.

“True to You is a collection of my learnings, wisdom, mantras and quotes to enhance your mind, body and spirit.”

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