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Kristen Bell And Dax Shephard Lip Sync Toto

Kristen Bell And Dax Shephard Lip Sync Toto

While on a trip to Tanzania and Rwanda the couple decides to honour their love of 1980s soft-rock sensations Toto by lip-syncing to the band’s most famous hit, Africa.

“This was our last trip before having kids,” Dax writes in the YouTube description to the hilarious clip below.

Their first daughter, Lincoln, was born in March 2013, and Delta followed in December 2014.

“Our sole objective was to rage hard and honour Toto properly. Hope you enjoy.”

The quirky pair really goes all out to have a holiday souvenir to remember.

The two actors dance in the rain, chase giraffes, rock out on air flutes and get as silly as possible with the backdrop of lions, hippos, zebras, elephants and gorillas behind them.

Kristen Bell Dax Shephard Lip Sync Toto 1

The music video opens with a gorgeous African sunset, with a relaxed lion roaming the grassy landscape. It then transitions to a shot of an equally relaxed Dax in a tub with what looks to be the world’s best view from a bathroom.

Dax admits, however, the extensive filming didn’t all go without a hitch.

“We wanted to see the wildebeest migrate so we had driven five hours in the car, we finally got to them on the Serengeti, we got out of the car (and) we started doing a dance for this music video,” says Dax.

“We weren’t paying attention and then the Serengeti police showed up and they fined us $50 for dancing at the Serengeti.”

Dax and Kristen, who voiced Anna in the animated smash movie Frozen, clearly have a love of 1970s/80s pop culture.

They’re currently working on a remake of hit TV series CHiPs, an acronym for the California Highway Patrol, which follows the adventures of two traffic cops on the highways in and around Los Angeles.

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