It’s No Longer Men’s Football Or Women’s Football – It’s Just Football

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Pamela Connellan

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Oct 06, 2021

That’s right – it’s no longer men’s football, or women’s football – it’s just football, as the men’s, women’s and youth leagues are brought together under one unified ‘A-Leagues’ banner for the first time in Australia.

Danny Townsend, managing director of the new A-Leagues brand, says it’s a very simple idea at its core: “We’re committed to growing the game in Australia – for everyone. That means delivering a world-class experience on and off the pitch and inspiring the next-generation of A-Leagues superstars to fulfil their highest potential. This is just the beginning of our ambitious, long-term vision for the growth of football in Australia,” he said.

Sure to be one of the stars of the new A-Leagues brand is Kayla Morrison. After years of hard work and persistence, this ambitious 24-year-old has ended her rookie year as an A-league footy player with a grand final win in Melbourne, a Victory Medal and Player’s Player of the Year in 2020.

After playing internationally in the US, Sweden and Australia, Morrison has now signed on for another season and is excited to be a part of the newly announced A-Leagues in Australia, marking a more diverse and inclusive time for football in Australia. 

Kayla Morrison
Kayla Morrison receiving the Player’s Player of the Year Award in 2020.

With the new A-League Women season kicking off on December 3rd, Kayla gives us a glance into her day-to-day life.

My daily routine has ramped up as we’re starting preseason and preparing for the games ahead.

It’s an early 6am start for me. I’ll make breakfast to ensure I have enough energy for the gym or football training – a pre-training smoothie and add oats, milk, cream, banana, chia seeds, peanut butter and Greek yogurt. Blend and drink. 

I’ll then head over to AAMI Park for gym or training which will either involve the exercise bike or big lift, and finish with some cardio or a team training session, where touches on the ball and regaining match fitness are the focus.

I love to have a chat and catch up with the girls in the change room, usually about what’s good on Netflix or any drama happening in our lives.

Kayla Morrison
Kayla uses her recovery boots as part of her warm down after training.

After gym or training it’s home to eat and relax

After gym or training, I’ll head home to shower, eat and relax. I have a protein shake, and my go-to breakfast of avocado toast with bacon. I’ll get into my recovery boots and either watch TV or read some fashion magazines. Then I’ll make myself some lunch, typically a wrap with turkey, ham, spinach, cheese and jalapeños. 

If the day’s focus is only on the gym, I’ll try and get another session in. If I need some work on the ball, I’ll head out to the field around 1pm. These sessions are usually focused on more technical work, specified to what I need. If I feel like I just need to get my legs moving, I like to go on hikes or walks with friends. 

My other love, besides football, is fashion. I love shopping and styling outfits. When we aren’t in lockdown, I love putting on a rad outfit and going to meet with friends for dinner or hangs. As we can’t go out for dinner right now, I’ve been cooking more at home. Dinner for me typically includes protein, veggies, and carbs, helping me fuel for the next day. 

After dinner, it’s time for Netflix where I’ll lay on the couch surrounded by 10 pillows, fuzzy blankets and watch whatever the girls have recommended to me, usually a thriller movie or a crime doco… creepy! 

Then I head to bed pretty early and unwind reading a book or looking at fashion photos until I fall asleep, getting ready to repeat it again tomorrow!

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