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Inspirational Video Series: Messages From Women We Love

Inspirational Video Series: Messages From Women We Love1

It is the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled.

The project recently launched the MAKERS Stories app, designed to empower individuals to be their own storyteller, MAKERS Stories allows users to record their stories or the stories of others, creating their own MAKERS videos that live alongside the ever-growing collection.

To get you inspired, here are just five of our favourites from the impressive celebrity vault.

Ellen Degeneres: Comedian

The TV talk show titan talks candidly about the enormous obstacles she had to overcome, both as a female comedian in a male dominated world, and later as a gay woman on her own TV show.
“I was carrying around this sadness inside and this shame about the fact I was gay,” she says.

Hillary Clinton: Crusader For Women

The presidential hopeful opens up about the values of the 60s, becoming a politician’s wife, her historic presidential candidacy, and her devotion to women’s rights worldwide.

“If the 19th Century was about ending slavery, and the 20th Century was about ending Totalitarianism, then the 21st Century is about ending the pervasive discrimination and degradation of women and fulfilling their full rights,” she says.

Diane Von Furstenberg: Iconic Fashion Designer

The iconic fashion designer shares the secrets to her breakout success, career rebirth, and embracing women’s strength and femininity.
“I never knew what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of women I wanted to be,” says Diane. “I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who can run her own life.”

Martha Stewart: Lifestyle Mogul

The legendary lifestyle mogul opens up about her journey from stockbroker, to domestic guru, to media mogul reinventing the art of homemaking. “Entrepreneurs take a little idea, a germ of an idea and take over the world.”

 Danica Patrick: Champion Race Car Driver

If anyone knows about smashing through barriers to achieve success, it’s this never-say-die Indy Car legend.

“I was just getting frustrated, but I was told by a great driver who said, ‘When you finally win, you’re just going to be doing what you do every wekened, it’s just going to happen’.”


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