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Get Celebrity Apprentice Winner Sophie Monk’s Hot Look

The former Bardot singer burst into tears as she accepted the $100,000 prize for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, her chosen charity.

At the start of the hotly-contested series in which the celebrities pulled no punches in vying for the coveted title, few expected Sophie to get this far, least of all the popular radio host.

“I think people just surface paint you as a pretty, blue-eyed, blonde haired girl who can sing and act but no-one gives you credit for your level of brightness,” said no-nonsense boardroom boss Mark Bouris.

“But I do. You have my respect.

Get Celebrity Apprentice Winner Sophie Monk's Hot Look
Sophie delivered a knockout blow to Tim in the dramatic final.

A tearful Sophie, 35, says the win taught her more than she could learn in a decade.

“Oh my God…I am so proud,” she said.

“I have tested myself so much on this show…I have learnt things I can’t learn in 10 years.

“I have been ripped off a lot of money because I can’t stand up for myself and this has taught me too,” she said.

In their final challenge, Sophie and Tim were tasked with creating a video and poster advertisement which sold Australia to foreigners.

Mr Bouris said the finalists had “evolved” more than anyone he had ever come across on the program.

Get Celebrity Apprentice Winner Sophie Monk's Hot Look
Follow Sophie’s tips and tricks for instantly bigger eyes.

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Glenn and Sophie show you how to get instantly bigger and beautiful eyes to boost your own confidence, in and out of the boardroom.

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