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First Look At The Scariest Movie Of 2016

First Look At The Scariest Movie Of 20161

Directed by Tate Taylor and based on the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train follows Rachel (Emily), an alcoholic who’s still reeling from her divorce.

Every day on her daily commute, she passes by a perfect-looking couple and fantasises about what their lives must be like – until one morning, when she witnesses something she wasn’t supposed to.

As Rachel’s obsession with the case grows, she finds herself becoming the chief suspect in the murder of her ex-husband’s nanny Megan.

The detective in charge of the investigation, played by Allison Janney, shows her a photo and asks: ‘Did you kill Megan?’

As Rachel begins to doubt herself and wonder what she might be capable of, she doggedly pursues the truth to what she saw from the window of the train.

First Look At The Scariest Movie Of 20162

We won’t give away too much from there, other than to say if you loved Gone Girl, this psychological thrill-ride is right up your dark alley.

Fans of the best-selling book have been sounding off on social media about the plot shift from London to the film’s setting in New York.

Paula Hawkins’ thriller spent a record-breaking 20 weeks at the top of the charts and was inspired by the author’s commute on an overground part of the Tube between Putney and Earl’s Court.

Despite the move across the Atlantic, Paula says she is not bothered and is content taking a back seat in the production of the film.

First Look At The Scariest Movie Of 20164

She told the Sunday Times: ‘I’m not really concerned about the repositioning as I think it is the type of story that could take place in any commuter town.”

Authors of recent bestsellers, such as Fifty Shades of Grey writer EL James, have been heavily involved in the production of their film adaptations.

But Paula says that was not her style: “I don’t want to be involved… let them get on with it,” she says.

Also starring are Justin Theroux as Rachel’s ex-husband Tom, Rebecca Ferguson as Tom’s new wife Anna, and Haley Bennett and Luke Evans as the golden couple.

The film is expected to open in Australia in October.

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