Defiant Sam Frost Responds To Body Shamers

Defiant Sam Frost Responds To Body Shamers2
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Mar 29, 2016

Speaking on her 2Day FM breakfast show with Rove McManus, a clearly shaken Sam, 26, says she has zero tolerance for the body-shaming sparked by an Easter holiday bikini shot she posted on Instagram.

“The comments that I received were absolutely appalling,” Sam admitted on-air.

“People were saying I looked disgusting and gross and that I was a bad role model because I’m so thin…(and) that I’ve clearly got an eating disorder.”

Defiant Sam Frost Responds To Body Shamers4

Sam also defended her decision to delete and block Instagram followers who left “disgusting” comments beneath the innocent beach snap.

When one user complained about having her opinion deleted, Sam shot back with: “I don’t tolerate body shaming”.

Sam told Rove and show guest Peter Hellier that she felt entitled to do so having “always been open” about her weight.

“I am a 26-year-old who has always been very open and honest about my weight fluctuating. Funnily enough, this time last year, I was experiencing the same thing – people going ‘Oh my god you’re so skinny, you’re disgusting’.

“Then three months later or, let’s be honest ladies, when you’re due for your time of the month, I gain three kilos or five kilos, I (might) lose three kilos.

“I don’t do anything differently it’s just the way my body is.”

Sam added that she doesn’t consider it helpful to have negative comments appear on her social media accounts when she is looked up to by young girls.

Defiant Sam Frost Responds To Body Shamers2

“I’ve got young girls following me and I like to think that I’m a good role model. For them seeing comments like that – I don’t think it’s helpful.

“I don’t think it’s good for anyone involved and I don’t know why people still continue to do it.”

Sam admits that she had lost around 5kg since starting her radio role, citing her busy schedule and early starts as the reason for her newly slimmed-down figure.

But The Bachelorette beauty insists that she had not been trying to lose weight and only noticed she had when her boyfriend, Sasha Mielczarek, pointed it out.


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