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Carrie Bickmore And Waleed Aly In Race For Gold Logie

Carrie Bickmore And Waleed Aly In Race For Gold Logie1

Both his co-hosts on the Ten show Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly are nominees for the coveted Gold Logie to be announced in Melbourne on May 8.

Peter revealed the contenders for the top TV prize at a special ceremony at the Melbourne Crown – the others are actor Essie Davis (Game of Thrones), Family Feud host Grant Denyer, SBS news anchor Lee Lin Chin and The Block’s Scott Cam.

Carrie Bickmore And Waleed Aly In Race For Gold Logie2

But both Carrie and Waleed were quick to play down the rivalry for gold.

“I’m still relishing my win from last year, to be perfectly honest, so I’d be happy for Waleed to take out the Gold Logie,” Carrie tells The Herald Sun.

“It sounds cheesy, but I already still feel like a winner. I’m happy to sit in that glow for a little while longer.”

Aly, grinning, said: “It’s not a competition between us. The nomination was such a surprise. To me, what happens from here is just a bonus.”

Carrie, who is also nominated for the best presenter award, offered to coach Aly in the lead-up.

Carrie Bickmore And Waleed Aly In Race For Gold Logie3

“This is a new thing for Waleed to be nominated for a Logie, and he comes out of the block, and goes for gold. He’s started at the top,” says Carrie, laughing.

“I’ve walked this path a couple of times, so I’ll hold Waleed’s hand.”

The presenters say the nominations are also a great endorsement for The Project.

“There is something about The Project that works its way into the hearts of people who watch it. That’s a rare thing,” Aly says.

“And it’s just dawned on me: when the show opens each night, and there’s that two shot of Carrie and I – that’s two Gold Logie nominees. That’s a powerful statement the show is landing.”

Carrie’s win at last year’s ceremony was one of the most memorable in the event’s history.

Wearing a beanie to symbolise the cause, she turned her victory speech into a platform to raise awareness about brain cancer, which claimed the life of her husband Greg in 2010.

Carrie Bickmore And Waleed Aly In Race For Gold Logie4

“It’s been a busy year,” adds Carrie. “I had a baby, I set up the (Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer) Foundation.

Everywhere I turn, people are talking about brain cancer, so it’s on the radar.

“I think there has been a lift in everyone’s thinking and people are taking action. I couldn’t be prouder and more stoked.”

For a full list of Logie nominations, click here.

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