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Bumble’s Michelle Battersby On Tackling Tall Poppy Syndrome

Bumble's Michelle Battersby On Tackling Tall Poppy Syndrome In Australia

Bumble is a woman-first social networking app that allows women to make the first move in every aspect of their lives. Since we launched in Australia in late 2016, we have seen the concept resonate strongly with Australian women.  We recently hit 2 million Australian registered users, and Australian women have made the first move 31 million times on Bumble – a huge milestone!

This month, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), a day that is important not just for Bumble, but for women everywhere. To mark the occasion, we have launched our #StandTallWithBumble campaign that is essentially a take down of Tall Poppy Syndrome, celebrating success stories from women in our network. In turn, we are encouraging our users to call out a women in their network they are proud of on social media. This is not just an awareness campaign, but an opportunity to actually action change and celebrate real life “tall poppies”  in our communities. 

This campaign was born off the back of recent research that showed us that one in three Australian women believe gender impacts professional opportunities, and just 45% of Australian women believe there is gender equality in Australia. A further 54% of women have never asked for a pay rise, and 37% don’t believe they have been given the same opportunities as men in the workforce.  

We see Tall Poppy Syndrome as an important challenge to tackle given we have such a strong community of women using our product, and we owe it to them to show we are committed to celebrating and championing them. We want to put an end to environments where women are hesitant to share ideas, celebrate their success or put their hand up for new opportunities. We know we are charged with a mission to empower women to make the first move, and we hope this campaign turns many Australian women into first movers. 

To help kick off the campaign we have identified three of Australia’s most inspiring and successful business women that we believe are tall poppies, Lorna Jane Clarkson of Lorna Jane, Kristin Fisher of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows and former lawyer and Seize the Yay podcast host Sarah Holloway, who will all be releasing their own #StandTallWithBumble content. This IWD, stand tall, action change and celebrate women in your lives on social media with the hashtag #StandTallWithBumble.  Together, we can make a difference.

Michelle Battersby talks about Bumble’s #StandTallWithBumble campaign

The Carousel would like to thank Michelle Battersby, Bumble’s Associate Marketing Director, APAC, for her article.

Bumble: The Social Network Putting The Control In Women’s Hands – Every Time


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