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Australian Domestic Violence Short Film Wins Awards

Australian Domestic Violence Short Film Wins Awards1

The powerful 10-minute ‘short’ picked up the Golden World Award for Best Producer and World Awards of Merit for Best Ensemble of Cast.

The World Film Awards welcomes filmmakers, both professionals and newcomers, from all over the globe, in short and feature-length narrative, and documentary film, from various genres.

Shot in North Sydney, written by Yiwen Liu and directed by Kent Fry, Tragic Enough was the first film produced by emerging producer and actress, Tsu Shan from Wise Goat Productions.

Tsu Shan also played the lead role in the film that tells the story of a young Chinese woman who marries an Australian man she hardly knew.

Tsu Shan said: “I am so grateful for this opportunity that celebrates Australian creative talent and stories in the international marketplace.

“To win two awards at the World Film Awards is incredible. I really believe in telling stories about issues that matter and that all voices should be heard. The World Film Awards have assisted in fostering strategic relationships with other aligned creatives both in Australia and abroad and taken Tragic Enough to an international audience.”

Australian Domestic Violence Short Film Wins Awards2

Tsu Shan, above, is currently producing a new feature-length film with a budget of $1.1 million.

Titled The Gist of It, the film, shot entirely in Sydney, is a universal story about the human condition, highlighting the LGBT Community and disabilities, particularly hearing loss and speech impediments and providing some dialogue in the Auslan sign language.

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