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Why Are Mothers Always Missing In Family Photos?

Since when did mothers take on the unofficial role of family photographer? It seems there’s a widespread trend taking over photos of everyday activities with the kids, family adventures and once in a lifetime holidays… mothers are missing in the frame.

Perhaps it’s a mother’s passion (or obsession) in needing to capture so many moments that makes her (whether she likes it or not) the implied photographer. Clients recently have been using the experience to ensure ‘everyone is in the frame’ and it got me thinking – why do mothers luck out on photos?

Mom few appearance in family photos
Mum only makes a few appearances in family photos but why?

Online there are waves of articles and Instagram posts begging husbands to take more photos of mothers for their sake, and the sake of memories the children will have later in life when they’re old enough to care.

One interesting ‘underlying’ reason mothers are confessing to being behind the camera is the linkage to lower self-esteem and only selectively wanting to be in memories – perhaps more so when the hair and makeup is done, and the photos are of ‘social sharing’ quality. This did make me think about my friends and I who are guilty of complaining about our other halves and not being in half the amount of photos, perhaps (if I was honest) my husband’s sick of me ‘not wanting or being ready’ for a photo and doesn’t ask as much anymore?

In speaking with some mothers who booked an experience with us recently, the feedback was consistent; they admit they enjoy investing time and energy into capturing family precious memories (and selfies of course) but they at least want a ‘few’ images with everyone in the frame to look back on later in life.

Why are mothers missing in family photos?

Mum makes it into the family photo

My favourite response had to be this one from a client who recently planned the ultimate family getaway in New York and from over 500 photos, she appeared in less than 5. “My husband knows it frustrates me that I have barely any photos with the kids, but I’ve realised it’s more the emphasis I put on wanting to capture to capture family memories over his which is why I continue to do it”

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Written by Sarah Pearce

After 10years in IT communications, it was a personal photoshoot in New York that changed the game (and career path) for Sarah Pearce. The professional holiday photos prompted her to start Australia’s first destination photography service for travelers. Travelshoot now caters for holiday and special event photography in over 90 countries globally, and it’s the perfect experience for family trips, honeymoons, and any special occasions.

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