Shaynna Blaze: Renovating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Shaynna Blaze: Renovating Your Kitchen On A Budget


How would you make your kitchen stylish but functional without going bankrupt? Here, Chanel Nine’s The Block star shares her top tips to transform your home, starting with the kitchen.  

Always look at the splash back as an instant change without going over the top. If the cabinetry and bench top is dated there are professional spray companies that can give it a new lease of life without a need for the labour of cabinet makers, plumbers or builders.

What do you look for when designing a kitchen?

Working with the existing plumbing points is a cost saver from the start but it doesn’t always make it the most functional option, so look at the orientation of your kitchen and how it works with how you want to cook and live in the kitchen.

Shaynna Blaze is the epitome of style

Shaynna Blaze is the epitome of style

Which section of a home adds the most value to a property and why?

Every house is different depending on what the feature is of the home. There is no use doing a state of the art cinema room if the selling point to the house is the indoor/outdoor feel. It used to be the big saying that ‘kitchens sell houses’ and this is still true but the bathroom has now become a place to demand luxury – so look at your buyers market and target what they are really expecting.

Minimalist kitchen

Shaynna Blaze is an award-winning Interior Designer who has created stunning interiors in residential homes and commercial spaces for more than twenty years. Armed with a vast portfolio of work in various fields of design, Shaynna is also a successful commissioned artist.

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