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Pregnant Serena Williams Tells Young Women To ‘Self Invest’

Pregnant Serena Williams Tells Women To Be Strong And Confident

Pregnant tennis champion Serena Williams says she hopes our next generation of women will all ‘self invest’.

In Berlei’s new campaign with the tennis star who is in her final stage of pregnancy she celebrates women and female empowerment.

Pregnant Serena Williams encourages women to be confident. Pic by Jez Smith.
Pregnant Serena Williams encourages women to be confident. Pic by Jez Smith.

Serena says “Regardless of whether I have a daughter or not – my hope and Berlei’s hope for the next 100 years of women is they start their journey with self-belief and the confidence to self-invest, self-prioritise and self-nurture.”


It’s vital that we have female role models and what The Carousel loves about this campaign is Serena is speaking out about the importance of women having self belief and confidence in themselves.

Zoe Hayes, Berlei Senior Marketing Manager says, “We’re a brand that supports and champions women through every stage of life. We’re so excited to be on this journey with Serena and hope to inspire generations of women with this piece.”

As Berlei hits its 100th year, they are celebrating just how incredible women are today, inspiring a whole new generation of women to ‘do it for themselves’ with Serena as their invincible muse.

Big congratulations to Berlei for such a positive campaign – it’s won us over game, set and match.

Photo captured by Jez Smith.

Written by Robyn Foyster

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