Game Changers Series 3: Powerful Podcasts For A Business Edge

Game Changers Series 3: Powerful Podcasts For A Business Edge


If you’re looking for inspiration for your own business, at the office where you work, or in life in general, you’ve come to the right place.

As a special bonus to our third instalment of our popular Game Changers’ video series, hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, we’re now releasing the in-depth podcasts of the same interviews for your listening pleasure.

From a pair of tech titans, to a cost-cutting suburban savant, they all share an infectious passion for what they do – and deliver plenty of motivational messages for us all.

Jody Allen – Founder and CEO of Stay at Home Mum

Within two weeks, Jody Allen had 10,000 Facebook followers after asking one simple question: “How do I feed my young family on just $50 per week?”

Today, she’s built that simple premise into the most popular website for Australian mums, and an ever-growing array of informative cost-saving books.

Click below to find out how she did it!

Dana Sawyer – Aged care expert 

From offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and more recently Adelaide, Dana Sawyer and her tireless team have placed more than 4500 Australians into permanent and/or respite Aged Care.

Dana’s inspiration? Her beloved 69-year-old mum.

Visit the link below to hear how her mum’s plight paved the way for a new stress-free system for placing your loved one into assisted living.

Maria Halasz – scientist and hair loss hero

Maria Halasz lost so much hair from the age of 40 that she could see her scalp when she looked in the mirror each morning.

The turning point came when she visited Japan on a buying trip for her bio-tech company Cellmid.

Maria reveals in the podcast link below how she then masterminds the biggest breakthrough in topical hair-loss treatments – for men and women – in the last 30 years.

Chris Adams and Geoff Marshall – Tech innovators

Where do they want to be in five years? asks host Sarah Harris of these Australian-based tech titans.

“Big and ubiquitous,” says the pair who are bringing a slice of Silicon Valley Down Under with their revolutionary new social media aggregator called Thred.

“If the name of your company can become a verb, you’re doing really well,” adds Chris.

“I’ll Facebook it, I’ll Instagram it…I’ll Thred it.”

Click below to find out why this inspiring pair believes Thred is on the verge of becoming another household name.

Ian Marsh – Electrician and multimillionaire business guru

The humble sparky has never forgotten the wise words of his first mentor, Mal Emery: ‘I’ve got no problem with you being broke, but I’ve got a real problem with you staying broke’.

“I thought, ‘man, this bloke knows what he’s talking about, I’ve got to listen to you’.”

With Mal’s guidance, Ian built his first $12 million-plus business in just three years, married the love of his life, and had the world at his feet. But then disaster struck.

Find out below how he picked himself up off the canvas to launch The Streetsmart Business School, Australia’s most successful program for creating millionaires.

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