Say How You Feel – Inspirational Quotes From Mums

Say How You Feel - Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes

Our Mum’s are often the ones with the best advice, the words of wisdom that we remember and share throughout our lives.

Here, we take a look at some of our favourite quotes from personalities and celebrities about their mums, or about being a mum.

On Family Ties & Home Life…

“I remember being absolutely rocked to my core by how profoundly I could love another human being.”

Cheryl Strayed – The now-famous hiker + author of Wild whose biggest adventure yet has been being a mum.

“I came late to motherhood and as a result I tend to look at the world of parenting with the wide eyes of a tourist.”

Liane Moriarty – The best-selling novelist known for observing everyday life.

“You can’t aspire to this magic that takes place as a parent. It’s just incredible.”

Cathy Freeman – The Olympic-gold sprinter + mother who advocates for indigenous rights.

“I’m learning to step back, let go, and watch my daughter soar.”

Maria Shriver - Journalist + rights activist {not to mention, former first lady of California, daughter of Special Olympics founder and niece of US President John F. Kennedy}.

“She always has a smile and a devilish joke on hand, and my life would be so much duller without her.”

Lorde - The singer-songwriter who’s inseparable from her poetic mother.

On Shared Passions…Together, they build businesses, travel, design and drink wine…

“My mother, grandmother and I all have different styles, but we share the same taste.”

Margherita Missoni – The newest designer in the world’s first family of fashion.

“Make great wine. Laugh more, live more, love more!”

Vanya Cullen – The award-winning vintner who learned the roots of the family business from her mom {chief winemaker} and dad.

“We love to eat, we love to drink, we love to explore.”

Camilla Franks – The adventurous designer who travels the world with her mum.


On Motherly Wisdom & Important Lessons Learned…

“If a mother is well, a family is well.”

Dame Quentin Bryce – The first female Governor-General of Australia.

“Educate yourself up to your senses. …dear girls, keep up!  Let the world feel you are on its surface, alive!”

Abigail May Alcott – The mother of Little Women author Louisa Mae and 3 other daughters.

“My mother always told me that inaction is not an option. And neither is going it alone.”

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka – The leader of UN Women.

“My grandmother would constantly say, ‘Sister, when you get, give. When you learn, teach.’”

Maya Angelou – Inspiring writer & humanitarian.

“I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.”

J.K. Rowling – The world-famous word wizard whose foundation disrupts single parent stereotypes.

On Unity & One Global FamilyWomen who’ve channeled their motherly love towards making the world a better place for all children…

“To save a child is a blessing; to save a million is a God-given opportunity.”

Audrey Hepburn – Movie legend & UNICEF ambassador.

“There is nothing sweeter, gentler or softer than water.  But water has the power to move mountains.”

Dame Claire Bertschinger – Nurse & aid worker whose photo with Ethiopian children {c. 1984} inspired a song + sparked a global movement.

“Our desire to bring every good thing to our children is a force for good in the world.”

Melinda Gates – The co-chair of the world’s largest private foundation.

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

J.K. Rowling – The once-single mum and word wizard who sparked a worldwide love of reading.

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