Chrysanthemums: How Much Do You Know About Your ‘Mums?

Chrysanthemums: How Much Do You Know About Your ‘Mums?

Robyn Foyster



Chrysanthemums are a forgiving flower and have a good vase life. Even still, it’s handy to know these little tricks to keep them vibrant for longer. There are incredibly over 3000 varieties of  mums. The more common types are Daisies, Polaris and Disbuds.

Daisy chrysanthemums are by far the most popular of the group. Their flatter flower, disbuds that resemble pom-poms, and polaris make them a fresh and bright option as a gift.

Chrysanthemums: 7 Tips To Look After Your ‘Mums

  1. Ensure your vase or vessel is very clean.
  2. Chrysanthemums have a woody stem, so you need to help them absorb water. Before placing them in a clean vase, trim 2 to 5 cm off the stem base at a sharp angle. Every few days, trim 1 cm off the stem to aid water absorption.
  3. Place flowers in clean tepid water, enough for them not to go dry quickly- about half the vase full.
  4. Strip leaves that would be below the water line.
  5. Remove leaves from the stem when they start to droop.
  6. Change the water regularly.
  7. For a maximum vase life and display, don’t mix chrysanthemums with other flowers. They release a chemical called ethylene, which may cause other flowers to wilt quickly