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How To Select Art For Apartment Living From Artist Felicia Aroney

Felicia Aroney has a talent and an eye for beautiful art. Her fabulous paintings are hung in seven major Australian Galleries and she recently collaborated with Napoleon Perdis again on a new bag design, now available in stores. Born in Perth of Greek descent, Felicia has won favour around the world.

Here the esteemed painter tells The Carousel her top tips on selecting art for apartment living. Firstly, Felicia  says art enthusiasts need to select pieces that empower rather than overwhelm the space.

Art for apartment living

1) Be realistic about your budget. Of course this is different for everyone. Buying art is a luxury and will create ambience in any home, but not at the expense of essentials.

2) Connect with the piece you wish to buy. It`s an investment and will be part of your home`s interior, so be sure you love it.

3) If on a budget, get smart. Go to Affordable Art Fairs and School Fairs. You`d be surprised how many emerging artists are on the rise! Buy before they are gallery represented and pay a fraction of the price.

4) Select well renowned Art Galleries to purchase from. A reputable and established gallery will guide you and assist with your decision. Most will allow you to try the art work at home prior to committing.

5) Access the wall space you`d like to fill. Measure the space so you purchase appropriate size work. Too many times people purchase art without consideration of where it will work comfortably in their home.


Felicia Aroney has an eye for beautiful artwork and as an avid painter herself she has given The Carousel her Top Tips On Selecting Art For Your Home.
Felicia Aroney strikes a stylish pose in front of her beautiful artwork

6) Art does not necessarily need to colour co-ordinate with your homes interior and furnishings, however, it should feel like it connects comfortably with its surrounds.

7) Develop an interest in a particular artists work your most admire. Follow their work on social media and their art careers. If you find you don`t tire of their work then they are worth investing in.

8) If you like to change the look up in your house, then It`s often a good idea purchasing a practical size painting in which you can move around your home.

9) If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase an art collection, then do this gradually over time. Don`t rush the process and be mindful of mixing different artists, genres and styles to make your collection interesting.

10) Working on a budget? Good quality Giclee Prints are still very much considered as art. A great way to add art in your home, or buy someone that perfect gift. Lavender Hill Interiors and I have recently collaborated on a beautiful selection of Prints.

About Felicia Aroney

Felicia’s work is represented in seven major Australian Galleries. Born in 1970 of Greek descent in Perth Western Australia, Felicia greatest influences are drawn from the fusion of her rich Australian upbringing and her European background. Combining a feeling of antiquity akin to aged historic buildings and the great Australian environment, Felicia creates richly textured and unique paintings.

Felicia has an honours degree in Graphic Design (Curtin University WA). She is represented by 7 major Art Galleries. Felicia was a finalist in the prestigious “Mosman Art Prize 2014”, “Hornsby Art Prize 2014” & “Waverley Art Prize 2013” and has had many successful solo and group exhibitions (refer to BIO).  Included are Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul International Art Fairs 2014 – 2017. In 2014 Felicia and make-up guru Napoleon Perdis completed a joint International project in AU and USA . She has clients spanning from Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

She is currently showcasing her collection of floral paintings at Lavender Hill’s Alexandria showroom.

Written by Ilona Marchetta

Ilona Marchetta is The Carousel's Home and Sustainability Editor. She is a change manager and journalist specialising in sustainability. Ilona is passionate about slow and mindful living, from fashion to interiors to beauty and self care. She holds a degree in Arts / Communications and is completing post-graduate studies in sustainable development and climate policy. She has worked in media and corporate relations for more than 15 years, now with a focus on human behaviour in relation to climate change.

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