The Top 4 Home Decor Trends For Spring, According To a Celebrity Interior Stylist

The Top 4 Home Decor Trends For Spring, According To a Celebrity Interior Stylist Luxo Living
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 02, 2023

Spring is a terrific time to embrace a new look. Whether it’s swapping your Winter woollens for a sunny dress, switching out your cold-weather comfort foods for something lighter or upgrading your skincare for a serum more suited to the rising mercury, the season is an excellent opportunity to bid farewell to the mid-year blues and welcome the vibrant energy of brighter days into our lives – including your literal living spaces! However, if you’re a little unsure about what’s hot when it comes to home decor trends for Spring, celebrity interior stylist Megan Morton is here to help. Following her collaboration with Luxo Living (Australia’s largest boutique online furniture store), the advisor to the adobes of the A-listers curated a list of trends that will breathe new life into your home this season.

Bye bye open plan

According to Megan, Spring will see a shift away from the wide-open spaces that have dominated home design in recent years, towards a more European approach, where clever planning creates multi-functioning rooms that are both inviting and intimate.

To complement this trend, Megan suggests adding soft furnishings, plush curtains, lamps and hanging artworks to decrease noise echo, and provide a sense of cosiness and minimise separation within open spaces.

“Most of us also concentrate too much on what I call the waist-down items. Such as rugs, lounges, side, tables, dining rooms,” says Megan. “I like to fill the waist-up areas. This leads us two wonderful often overlooked elements: art and lighting. Both are waist-up items and both provide so much joy, personality and charm to a space, with minimal and tailored effort.”

Color bombing

Next, Megan suggests you say goodbye to subtle hints of colour and embrace the vibrancy of spring with a trend she likes to call “colour bombing.”

“Both colour bombings (full absorption of colour in a room) and colour trimming (slices of colour on well-placed hues) are very popular responses and give way to how we will decorate for years to come,” says Megan. 

If you’re a fan of green for the spring, she suggests you try slicing in two different green chair styles and tones throughout your room “I like the Luxo Living Bernie Bar Stools in Dark Green or the Brant 2-in-1 Emerald Convertible Rocking Chair.”

Refined comfort

According to Megan, following the chaos of the COVID years, our priorities have also shifted. With homeowners and renters generally pulling back from showroom-ready living spaces to seek a higher level of comfort and balance in their homes.

“Living areas should wrap around us, bedrooms should envelope us, and workspaces should be practical and delightful,” says Megan. “It’s important to do a comfort audit, of every room and assess what is comfortable to you. Throw everything into question from your bed to your lighting, even look at how objects sit comfortably next to each other.”

Decorate responsibly

Megan’s final mantras for responsible decorating lean into the ever-growing sustainability space and revolve around thoughtful consideration rather than endless budgets.

“I think the most budget-friendly way to decorate your home is to figure out what you want and invest in items you will love for years to come, whether you are in a rental or your forever home. Be patient and kind when developing your own home style. And also know that things can always be moved on, sold, gifted.”

With that in mind, Megan’s main suggestions for responsible decorating are:

  • Invest in big basics like beds, sofas, dining tables, and patio sets. Luxo Living’s Nuevo 4-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa Set and Joel Modern Dining Table are ideal choices.
  • Complement these with powerful fabrics, lighting, and art, which elements leave a lasting impression.
  • Don’t forget to repurpose your trans-seasonal basics. “I don’t believe cushion changeouts are a sound way to herald the season, but I am always in awe of the miracle that is rugs. I often take my rugs up in the summer months, and only let them down in the winter. This gives my rooms a chance to really breathe, and with one simple roll out, a whole new feeling is created.  I am a fan of runners, as well as round rugs, overlapping dhurries and rectangular rugs.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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