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Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 21, 2021

A delivery service that is prompt, speedy, and offers door-to-door live GPD tracked delivery on all parcels without a surcharge sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not! Never ones to get your hopes up and let you down, The Carousel has unearthed a unique delivery service from 13cabs Delivers that does all of the above, 24/7, without extra on express deliveries.

Bonus: You know your goods are in great hands, thanks to specially trained 13cabs Drivers who take the time and the care to ensure your package arrives on time and in perfect condition.

With their immense coverage from Darwin to Ballarat and all major cities in between, it means 13cabs delivers everywhere for the price of a cab fare. What we love about the service is it is much like having your very own  on-demand courier, but best of all there is none of the paperwork or the time-wasting need to set up accounts.

Simply Click Book Now

Yes, you can book this service 24/7 by downloading the 13cabs app, clicking on the ‘Book Now’ section of this website or by calling 13 2227.

13cabs Delivery Service Offers 24/7, express, GPS Tracked, Door-to-Door delivery!
13cabs Delivery Service Offers 24/7, express, GPS Tracked, Door-to-Door delivery!

Express same day, tracked delivery

You don’t need to think about when you will get your parcel delivered ever again!

No surcharges on urgent deliveries

You no longer need to suffer from express shipping costs if you get 13cabs to deliver it for you!

Specially Trained Delivery Drivers

The Drivers have gone through advanced training and provide instant pick ups!

95% of packages are collected within only 10 minutes although this depends on what time of day it is. 

Transparent Charges

Parcel deliveries come with a Price Guarantee – they do not charge extra for the service!

Have Food Home Delivered

You can even order from your favourite restaurant and the 13cab Driver will pick up your meal and home deliver it.

13cabs has partnered with many businesses including Woolworths, Repco, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, and Dorevitch Pathology.

Total Control From Your Phone.

https://www.13cabs.com.au/app/ download the app

13cabs Drivers are specially trained to be Safe, Efficient And Punctual.

13cabs Drivers are specially trained to be safe, efficient and punctual.

We love the fact that there is a Price Guarantee iso the cost is a fixed price which is arranged when you make the booking. set at the time of booking  on the 13cabs app or website. There are no additional charges to pay – so refreshingly, thee’s no surprises, and this means you have total control.

More about 13cabs

13cabs is the largest taxi network in Australia, directly supporting 10,000 regularly sanitised vehicles and 40,000 drivers. 13cabs is proudly Aussie-owned and operates nationwide.

With Australia’s largest team of Professional Drivers, 13cabs Delivers is ready to deliver whatever you need to wherever you need with a price guarantee and no surcharge, ever.



By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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