What Your Dog Says About You

Sacha Kaluri


Jan 06, 2017

This is a coffee table “must have” book. It is the kind of book you can open up during a dinner party and have a little laugh with all of your friends and family.

When I saw this book, I couldn’t resist instantly flicking through to find the breeds to match them up with my friends! As people always say,  the similarity between dogs and their owners can be uncanny! Sometimes people even look like their doggy companions!

I have always been a dog lover, having grown up with them my entire life and always considering them as beloved members of our family.  Since the death of my last dog, I have taken a break and at the moment my lifestyle would not enable me to be the best “Mummy” my dog deserves. So for the time being, I get my “dog fix” from all of my friends’ dogs!

This book gave me a different perspective on all of our beloved dogs in both a fun and humorous way!

Throughout my life, I have always owned German Shepherds and Bull Terriers.  Wow! Does that say a lot about me! Liam Ryan says that Bull Terrier owners are independent and have a love for an underdog, well that is me to the core!



I can also relate and share many of the qualities found in the German Shepherd, being loyal, ambitious, confident and motivated.  Although….. it does say they have a love for exercise and I’m afraid I just cannot say the same on that one!

After a lot of thought and deliberation, I have decided that my next  choice of dog will be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  This breed appeals to the soft side of me. Apparently this breed of dog requires loads of love and has a deep love for family.  That suits me to a tea! I can just imagine having a little buddy to curl up with on the couch, have a cuddle and fall in love with another good book or movie together.

So now let me think of my friends, well…my Pug owner friend is just like her dog.! With a medicine cabinet stocked to the brim, filled with medicine for that “just in case” headache that could arise!  My Golden Retriever friend,  well she has a gold medal for perfection in her life! Oh! And they say that Labradors are the most photographed dog in the world, well I must say that my Lab friend owners sure do love a good selfie!

Hmmmm…. so after reading this book, I have definitely let go of my need to one day have a Shar Pei! Apparently, they are renowned for weight gain and being moody!  These are definitely personality traits that I sure don’t need more of in my life! Ha!ha!

You should get this book and share it with all of your friends.  Such a great gift idea, and would be a fantastic stocking filler for your dog loving family member/s or friends!

Paws & Kisses,

what your dog says about you

“What Your Dog Says About You” by Liam Ryan. Published by Smith Street Books, RRP $24.99. Out Now.


By Sacha Kaluri


Sacha Kaluri, now a mother of two young boys, is a leading youth expert and speaker. She started running a successful business at the age of 18 years old. In 2000 she began travelling Australia speaking to young people about how to have career dreams, bullying, stress management and body image, visiting more than 170 schools, councils and juvenile detention centres each year. Sacha brings education and comedy to her presentations. 2011 Sacha became co founder and the co-director of the Australian Teenage Expo and has also been on the board of ChildWise since 2011. In 2014 Sacha Kaluri and her business partner Sonya Karras were chosen as Australia’s very first official ambassadors for the world wide United Nations - Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Sacha will be regularly sharing her stories of youth and teenagers on The Carousel.



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