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Jun 24, 2021

Being a mum is arguably the busiest job in the world, we wanted to take some time to shout out those mums who are using Facebook’s family of apps in creative ways – from creating online communities of support for fellow mums to running businesses that provide solutions for eco-conscious mothers.

These mums are taking online platforms and using them in a way that works for their business, their community or their wellbeing. So, we have rounded up 4 mums who are being their own bosses online.

Nikki McCahn, Mama Tribe

·         Mama Tribe Facebook Page began as a way to connect mums online and now boasts over 40,000 members. Now, with a motto of “No Mum left behind”, Mama Tribe connects and hosts meet-ups all around the country. “

·         “We started the Mama Tribe Facebook Page as a way to connect local mums online, so they could meet up and provide one another with face-to-face support, but we were never expecting to grow as quickly as we did. We created the Facebook group on a Friday afternoon and by the end of the weekend, 1000 mums had joined. It was amazing to see how much the Mama Tribe and our motto of ‘No Mum left behind’ resonated with the community.”

Katrina Pearson, The Happy Glamper

·         A company who provide “glamp-ware” and when they launched as a new business, managed to double sales month-on-month and expand internationally in four short months with Facebook and Instagram. By utilising Facebook Inc’s apps, Katrina was able to turn her side hustle into a booming business.

·         “Using Instagram and Facebook we launched our new business, doubled sales month-on-month and expanded internationally in just four short months. I’m watching the business grow and can’t believe my own eyes. Facebook and Instagram have allowed me to take what started out as a side venture selling quirky and fun camping products into a booming business.”

Anna Davis, The Small Folk

·         The Small Folk was born out of Anna’s maternity leave, from her role as an early childhood educator, with her third child. Finding it difficult to source their most beloved play pieces online, Anna and her husband, Simon, decided to curate their own collection of toys to like-minded families through the world of Instagram

·         A toy company who make 98% of their sales toys directly from Instagram and receive over five thousand visits to our website per week from Instagram

·         “Through Instagram, our ‘local’ community has now become a network of mothers worldwide.”

Vicki Simpson, Bubblebubs

·         Bubblebubs make sustainable cloth nappies which success is due largely to the supportive community of mums it built on Facebook. In addition, Bubblebubs success is due to the growing trend amongst eco-conscious mums.

·         Bubblebubs has won 5 out of 12 categories at the Australian Cloth Nappy Awards


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