How I Made a Fortune From Being A Shopaholic

How I Made a Fortune From Being A Shopaholic
Jo Munro

The Savvy Shopaholic

Feb 26, 2024

Yes, I truly am a shopaholic but not in a destructive way. I am a savvy shopper. Why savvy? I discovered a wonderful formula that allows me to focus all of the elements of my shopping prowess to actually make money instead of just maxing out credit cards on a regular basis.

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I used to hear the men I worked with talking and playfully complaining about their wives’ and girlfriends’ shopping habits. After developing my Savvy Shopping skills my reply to those men has been to tell those gorgeous girls they can still shop ‘til they drop but turn that shopping into warm, delicious cash.

All of the skills it takes to be a fabulous shopper are assets. The magic happens when you know how to apply them.  I am passionate about helping others learn how to hone that desire for shopping into a golden goose too. Over the coming weeks I will share with you the tips, tricks and insider secrets to doing just that.

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There were three fundamental learnings that kicked off my savvy Shopaholic formula:

  1. Selling online is an accessible way to start a business for anyone.

It started for me when I was constantly bombarded with reports of how much money was being spent and made online in Australia. Online businesses seemed to be going from strength to strength.  Online retail remains a growing business and the best news of all is that anyone can do it.  In great Aussie fashion I decided to “have a go”.  After being impressed by some very successful eBayers I decided I would apply my business knowledge and shopaholic prowess to my new venture utilizing the eBay platform.

  1. Sellable products at discounted prices are available everywhere.

Let me put that another way for you. You have probably bought something in the last couple of weeks you could have sold online for a tidy profit.

In the beginning I started by selling some unwanted items I had around the house whilst mastering the online skills.  Then it dawned on me whilst I was out shopping.  When finding a ‘great buy’ I often bought one for me and one for my sister etc so why not buy a couple of extra items for my fledgling online store?  It was a hit!  I was purchasing sale items at low prices adding them to a bundle and selling them for profit.  As a new online retailer I could often purchase product in sales at such aggressively discounted prices I doubted I could do better buying wholesale.  Shopping the sales and buying product that was in demand is still to this day one of the tried and tested ways I source products for my businesses.

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  1. Trending products are a cash machine for online sellers.

It was serendipity when I sourced some products that were trending.  It was an accident.   As my online store lit up with orders it really started me thinking of how to duplicate this phenomenon.  I added the ‘trend tracking’ criteria to my Savvy Shopaholic Formula and sourced products that were already in demand and being advertised heavily.  Let’s dig a little deeper into ‘trend tracking’ in the coming weeks.

As a shopaholic you intuitively know what makes a great buying experience.  I designed the shopping experience for my customers that I wanted to have.  I bundled wonderful items with free bonuses and sensational value. My shopping skills have informed every part of my business.  I now also shop internationally and import custom goods manufactured for my stores.

If you want to make an additional $200 a week to have some extra play money or you want to set up a serious five or six figure income it is all possible in the wonderful world of selling online.  Your fabulous shopping assets will fuel that business every step of the way.

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The Carousel would like to thank the Savvy Shopper Jo Munro for this article. Check out her site savvyshopaholic .


By Jo Munro

The Savvy Shopaholic

Jo Munro is best known as The Savvy Shopaholic with the tag line 'Shop More, Save More'. She is The Carousel's resident shopping expert and a regular TV presenter on Ch9's Today Show and A Current Affair. In Jo's book The Savvy Shopaholic, she shares over 20 years of savvy shopping expertise, business wisdom and channel management with those who want to turn their shopping skills into cash. Much loved for her luxe for less shopping tips and wide-brimming smile, she's always keen to share her passion for shopping and savvy tips to get the most out of your dollar.



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