Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Australia’s First Mature Age Talent Agency Takes Off

Game Changers: Australia’s First Mature Age Talent Agency Takes Off

Sarah Harris

Jul 21, 2017

PR and integrated marketing expert Georgia Branch and model Brigitte Warne knew they’d struck a chord with Australia’s first talent agency for the 30-plus before they’d even opened the doors.

Prior to officially launching Silverfox MGMT Group in 2016 they received 400 applicants in Sydney and a similar number in Melbourne during an early recruitment drive.

Brigitte and Georgia tell Game Changers host Sarah Harris they now have more than 120 models officially on the books – their oldest is 97 – and clients have been quick to embrace the new reach that a more mature face gives their brands.

“There are people out there who have more money and they are more style-aware than ever and they just want to be included and spoken to,” says Georgia in the latest episode of our inspirational video and podcast series.

Brigitte says it’s important to understand the market place and what people are looking for, and a big chunk of it isn’t under 20, or 30-years of age.

One of the largest growing consumer segments is in fact generation FAB (Fifty And Beyond) who spend more than any other demographic, and have an enormous amount of brand loyalty.

But Georgia says it quickly became clear from their conversations with mature age women that they felt overlooked and invisible.

“I think we now seeing a huge societal backlash with women now saying ‘we do have a voice, we do have an opinion and we do have a pretty strong silver dollar, so we do need to be included’.”

Brigitte says Silverfox isn’t looking for one particular look. The main factors are personality, individual style and confidence.

“We’re very open to anyone coming through our doors who could possibly bring, or offer something to a client that they may not have thought of previously.”

Adds Georgia: What’s great about representing mature-age talent is that people come from a whole lot of different backgrounds and experiences.

“Previous careers they can build on and have stories from. People say content is king at the moment for brands and are constantly trying to articulate what their brands are about through a spokesperson or ambassador, and there is so much breadth we can offer with mature-age talent.”

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