Four Cleaning Hacks For a Better Night’s Sleep 

Cleaning tips for better sleep
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

Apr 22, 2024

You’ve detoxed from your digital devices, cut out caffeine, avoided alcohol and slipped yourself a melatonin supplement. But, still find yourself struggling to fall asleep? While sleep hygiene generally refers to healthy habits and behaviours, an often overlooked area of this practice can literally be hygiene. With dirty bedrooms notoriously known for making it more difficult to doze off. Here to help is Karen Lawson of Australian luxury homecare brand Nontre. Who shares her best cleaning tips for a better night’s sleep.

A place for everything … and everything in its place!

One of the fundamental principles of a clean and serene sleep environment is organisation. An uncluttered and tidy sleeping spot can do wonders for your ability to relax and unwind before bed. When everything has its designated place, it not only reduces visual clutter but also promotes a sense of calm and tranquility. So, take the time to declutter your bedroom and create a serene sleeping space where you can easily retreat at the end of the day.

Something in the air

Creating routines can greatly assist in signaling to your body that it’s time to wind down for sleep. One effective way to incorporate this into your bedtime routine is by using soothing scents to promote relaxation.

“Try spritzing’s Home and Linen Spray (pictured below) over your bed linen before you go to bed, infused with 100% Lavender, Bergamot and Rosemary. It can help ease stress and anxiety, preparing your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep,” says Karen. Who also suggests taking your mini spray with you when you travel to maintain the comforting scent wherever you go.

“Additionally, the Ultrasonic Aroma Car Diffuser paired with your favourite scent can transform any room into a peaceful oasis, ensuring a familiar and soothing environment wherever you are,” adds Karen.

Nontre cleaning tips to help you sleep / sleep hygiene

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Ensuring your sleeping environment is free from allergens is essential for a good night’s sleep. Dust mites, pet fur and other irritants can disrupt your respiratory system and make it difficult to breathe comfortably while sleeping. This is especially crucial for individuals with allergies or asthma. Consider using a pet deodoriser to eliminate any lingering odors and bacteria from your pet’s bedding or your own bed linen, ensuring a fresh and clean sleeping surface.

Sanitise your sleepwear

Your choice of sleepwear can also impact your sleep quality. Make sure to regularly wash your pjs or nightwear using scents that calm and soothe you. “Nontre offers a range of natural fragrances in their laundry range, including the Softening Fabric Fresheners in scents Royal Blossom, Blue Collection and Thyme and Olive, each designed to evoke feelings of comfort and happiness. By associating these fragrances with your bedtime routine, you can create a sense of familiarity and relaxation, making it easier to drift off to sleep peacefully.”

Incorporating these cleaning hacks into your bedtime routine can help create a clean and serene sleep environment conducive to better sleep quality and overall wellbeing.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

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