Croc’s Play Centre : Paradise For Kids… And Parents !

Sacha Kaluri


Feb 03, 2017

In fact we actually built our first business together in a play centre.

Each Saturday afternoon we would go to our local place and let our kids go off and play. We would have a table reserved in the corner, right near the power point so we could charge our lap tops and we would work on our first business together. It’s amazing how mums get stuff done!

The staff understood we were mums on a mission and helped us out. We only got off our seats to check on our kids and do the odd toilet stop.

We learnt these were our top priorities when making our choice. The perfect play centre is easy if you have the right ingredients.

First they need to be clean, safe and have friendly staff. These are the “non-negotiables.” If it does not meet these criteria, then it’s not even worth going into.

Croc's Play Centre : Paradise For Kids... And Parents !
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Pakenham play centre

Entertainment for kids

  • The play equipment for kids must be like an adventure that just keeps providing surprises. There needs to be nooks and crannies that they can discover over and over and still feel like it’s new after 60 minutes. Kind of like having Dory moments… (Any parent who has watched Finding Nemo or Finding Dory a gazillion times will understand this reference).
  • When your children don’t want to leave or they come to back to you all red faced, sweaty and look like they have just done a hard work out with fitness instructors from The Biggest Loser – then this place deserves another visit.
  • A place for adults as much as kids. Parents need some R and R so they can be a better parent. So a good play centre can be just what the Doctor ordered. The play centre is often a place where Mums and Dads can organise a coffee with their friends. It’s also a place to be alone to read a book, scroll on your iPad, or like us, a catch up on your work. A play centre needs to not only be Mum friendly but Dads need to love it too. The coffee and the food need to fit the bill. Tasty and well priced. Stuff for kids to eat, but yummy food for adults too.   If the food and coffee aren’t good, forget the rest. It’s a no-go zone!
  • Must be able to hold an interactive kids party. This is especially important. We want to be able to come back time and time again, for the regular play date and also the odd kid’s birthday party too. It’s got to fit perfectly for boys and girls. Not just the standard ideas, but new things invitees will be excited to attend. There needs to be a bit of cool factor!


It’s hard to find a play centre that fits all these criteria, but finally we think we have found it. Crocs Play Centres… and they just happen to be located all over Australia.

Croc's Play Centre : Paradise For Kids... And Parents !
Picture Credit: Screenshot from Pakenham play centre

It goes without saying they clean and safe, but they have actually had parents design the layout of the play centres. We know safety and what works better than anyone, so we can rest assured the layout is perfect for our little ones.

They have staff who greet you with a smile and they genuinely actually care about you and your child’s well being.

To top it off Croc’s are teamed up with Muffin Break, so the menu and coffee are perfect! No other play centre’s can offer this level of proven great coffee and food.

The coffee will melt you and your friends into relaxation while your kids go off and actually get some good old physical (no screens involved) fun!

Finally your kids will beg you to book their party at one of their centres. There are endless themes your kids can pick from.

The Pamper Room, where manicures and pedicures are an essential. (This one is just for the kids not the mums – sad face here from us.)

The Baking Room, where kids can cook their own pizzas, cookies and muffins.

If that’s not enough you can have dress up Pirate, Super Hero and Fairy parties. If your child loves to party like their parents used too; (used too being the key word for us – pathetic L), then the disco room is for them.

Parents can even hire the centres at night; crank up the music and play till their hearts content. If nite clubs are not your thing, then Croc’s can help you live it up for your 40th Birthday we say! Bring the kids along or don’t, we won’t judge you!

Hang on did we just say that out loud? Go to a play centre for a party for adults? Mmm that’s sad….

No seriously with or without kids, at night it’s a fun adult place to go. Believe us, we’ve tried it! Swishing down the slide or going nuts in the ball pit awakens the little forgotten child in all of us. Trust us those flashing lights will send you back to your fun years.

Mums, dads, kids, your tummy and your budget will enjoy the odd occasion at Croc’s Play Centres.


The Carousel would like to thank Sonya and Sacha for this article.


By Sacha Kaluri


Sacha Kaluri, now a mother of two young boys, is a leading youth expert and speaker. She started running a successful business at the age of 18 years old. In 2000 she began travelling Australia speaking to young people about how to have career dreams, bullying, stress management and body image, visiting more than 170 schools, councils and juvenile detention centres each year. Sacha brings education and comedy to her presentations. 2011 Sacha became co founder and the co-director of the Australian Teenage Expo and has also been on the board of ChildWise since 2011. In 2014 Sacha Kaluri and her business partner Sonya Karras were chosen as Australia’s very first official ambassadors for the world wide United Nations - Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Sacha will be regularly sharing her stories of youth and teenagers on The Carousel.



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