Business Meets Baby Author Rachel Allen Says “Balance is Bogus”

Business Meets Baby Author Rachel Allen Says
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Oct 31, 2017

Mums in search of a better lifestyle are finding being in business can be a lonely journey with little balance.

The biggest motivation for a mum to start her own business is to spend time with her children – however in research by the Office of Women, most women in business state they struggle with work/life balance.

Mums are failing to recognise changes in themselves after they have babies. Reduced ‘work time’ and in some cases reduced energy, many start to feel guilt. Guilt for working in their business instead of being with their children or being with their children instead of working. Guilt for not being super-mum. It is time to put that guilt to bed. It is time to accept the changes, to understand that we only have today to be with our babies and to watch them grow. We have forever to be successful in our business.

If we don’t accept our new dual role of business owner and mum we will see the pressure increasing, with unrealistic expectations leading to burn out. If we keep looking to places like social media and comparing our lives with others, it will only compound the guilt and feeling of inadequacies. Quit looking at others highligt reels and start to create your own.

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Business Meets Baby Author Rachel Allen Says “Balance is Bogus – No More Supermums”

The concept of balance is bogus – if it is derived from unrealistic expectations. Time to drop being super-mum and step into our own version of mum AND business owner. We need to define what balance means to us and make changes to take back control of our own lives.

Many people are searching for the elusive work/life balance, yet they have never taken the time to think about what balance means to them. Spending time relentlessly looking for a better way, the way which will make them feel like they are meeting the expectations set by the greater population. If you can define what balance means for you in business, life and self then you have something real to aim for. More when one area needs more attention and is under pressure you understand it is short term and you can move back to your own balanced position easily.

You will never have perfect balance, there will always be curve balls and stressful moments. You can ensure these moments are just that, moments in time as you re-adjust and move back into your place of balance. In doing this you become your own version of super-mum. Where you can be a truly present mum and a success in your business.

When Business Meets Baby by Rachel Allan


About the Author

Rachel Allan When Business Meets Baby

Rachel Allan has been a business owner for 13 years, and a mum for 6½ years. On her business-and-baby journey she has learned a lot about life, business and herself. She shares her discoveries (and the wisdom of other parents and experts) with you in her new book, When Business Meets Baby. Rachel is honoured to be Sophie’s mum, and she is also an author, integrated marketer, entrepreneur and property investor. From 2007 she has shared her journey with her business and life partner Craig.

If you would like to discover more about Rachel and the services she offers, visit her at www.rachelallan.com.au.


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