14 Ways To Refresh Your Home With Rugs

Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 22, 2021

Whether you’re renting your home/apartment or you own your abode, creating new, fashionable flooring may sometimes be out of your budget. Enter, rugs, the affordable, easy and above all stylish way to give your home a mini make-over without spending a fortune.

Embrace A Textured Rug

When you choose a rug with texture as a highlight, you’re elevating it from a simple floor covering to a beautiful piece of immersive art. Natural fibres evoke days spent by the beach and when the fibres within the fabric are braided, you create an organic feel that whisper sunshine and softly crashing waves all year round.

We adore Carpet Court’s Anja range for its light flat-weave braid and subtle shades. As modern as it is classic, it’s an easy care, super-stylish rug that will refresh your home without breaking your budget. Available in several neutral shades to suit any room in your home.

Carpet Court's Anja Rug
With its subtle colour-ways and braided texture, Carpet Court’s Anja Rug becomes an immersive piece of art.

Go For Tribal Designs

Monochrome is having its moment, and that includes your floor coverings. Natural hues of light grey, cream and beige are patterned with intricate and sometimes bold designs, like those in Carpet Court’s Casablanca range. Your home will take on a modern-day chic that hints at travels to far flung destinations and adventures ready to be retold to friends over a bottle of wine and dinner.

Carpet Court
Carpet Court’s Casablanca range hints at adventures in far flung destinations!

Take It Outside

Outdoor rugs can really bring a courtyard or garden space to life. And they are so low maintenance – simply hose them down and hang on the line to dry. Choose colourful, contemporary colours and vivid designs like those in the Carpet Court Amazon collection, to create a tropical paradise in your backyard!

Carpet Court
Carpet Court’s Amazon Collection Can Turn Your Courtyard Into A Stylish Tropical Oasis

Get Playful

Who says your interiors need to be serious? Why not throw in some playful, colourful rugs like those from Carpet Court’s Amsterdam collection. We are madly crushing on this darling spotted piece that has been handmade in Turkey! From a child’s room to the centrepiece of your living room, it brings a joyous atmosphere to your home. Side note: This collection features a number of different pattern designs, so why not pick out a few and enjoy some stylish pattern clashing!

carpet court carpet court

Play With Plush

With a name like Bambi, you’d expect a range of rugs to be soft, cosy and completely sink-into-able. This collection more than fits the brief. Available in 12 exceptional shades, this gorgeous floor-piece will have you running your bare feet over it and scrunching your toes into it every night! Hot Tip: Try an anti-slip pad to avoid slipping on the rug.

carpet court
The Bambi rug is the perfect combination of softness and style.

Place Your Pastels Wisely

Colourful pastels take centre stage in flooring details, providing the perfect backdrop to bolder furniture pieces such as an aqua velvet sofa. With eight divine patterns to choose from, each with its own pastel palette, the Bloom collection of rugs from Carpet Court bring a quiet calm and stylish sense of peace to your home.


Spice Things Up

In shades reminiscent of exotic spices, Carpet Court’s Chai collection brings a sense of warmth to any room, as well as textured detail that will become a sure talking point. Hot Tip: Lay one over the other, overlapping so the various hues complement one another!

Carpet Court Chai Rugs



Be The Envy Of Your Neighbourhood

With its eye catching textured rug in leather and jute in neutral colourway, Carpet Court’s Envi rug brings with it a strong Scandinavian feel. Perfect for “getting hyggie with it”, this suits any room, but is especially ideal for living areas where you wish to imbue a cosy, homely and relaxed vibe.

Carpet Court’s Envi rug brings with it a strong Scandinavian feel

Harmonious Luxury

Carpet Court’s Harmony range is made with high quality wool and viscose fibres that have the additional benefit of feeling luxurious and silky to touch and they are also incredibly durable. Circular in shape and with a textured weave, these rugs bring contemporary elegance to any room.


The benefit of the Harmony range is it provides a fresh and modern look to your home.

Contemporary Cool

The Kali range of rugs is crafted from a unique heat set polypropylene polyester shrink yarn for extra heavy duty, hard wearing longevity, that is also beautifully soft to the touch. With its thick, luxe pile and several incredible hues, this range of rugs brings contemporary styling to life.

Shaggy Style

Shaggy style never dies and The Nariko collection is proof of that. Created to bring the ultimate blend of softness and elegance, this top notch shaggy rug is available in a wide selection of colours, either circular or rectangular in shape. It looks and feels so comfortable, you will want to dive right into it.

The Nariko Rug in Round Shape


The Nariko Rug in Rectangular Shape

Create Your Own Retreat At Home

Day Spa at home? Emulate that vibe with Carpet Court’s relaxed, textured Retreat range, available in five stunning shades. Crafted from wool and viscose, these rugs bring joy and tranquillity to any room. Choose a few various shapes and shades and play with contrasting shapes and colours for true contemporary individuality.

Turkish Luxe

Produced in Turkey with state of the art looming techniques, Carpet Court’s stylish Sienna collection is made from 50mm polyester fibres, which is soft and fabulous on your underfoot. With a rich selection of luxe anthracite hues, this rug features a soft shaggy texture that will transform your floor and transform your space.

Crafted in Turkey with luxe softness in mind, you will want to sink your feet straight into the Sienna rug.

Glamour + Warmth

The Zena rug range is sheer glamour. Featuring a wide range of warm colours that are displayed in unique patterns, these are the junction where floor pieces meet art.


Contemporary cool vibes mesh perfectly with luxury and style.


Whether in a casual or formal setting, the Zena rug brings your room to life.


Thick, rich, warm textures and colours make this the perfect rug for any room.


No matter your style, the Zena rug will complement it beautifully.


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