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Why Model Elyse Knowles Is Drinking Only Water For 30 Days Straight

Elyse Knowles for HelloFresh

Aussie model and social influencer Elyse Knowles needs your help.

Elyse Knowles, one of the most beautiful model and social influencer in Australia takes on a challenge.

As a newly signed community advocate for WaterAid, Elyse encourages fellow Aussies to join her in this fundraising event. Participants drink only water as their beverage for a month to help raise money for those without basic human needs. This supports the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water and at the same time encourages Australians to improve their health.


Making a Difference

Elyse Knowles is more than just a face. She has always been interested in giving back to the society and thus she became the WaterAid’s Event Ambassador. Although this is her first charity ambassador role, Elyse believes that no one should be deprived of access to clean water and sanitation. “A big part of my lifestyle is keeping fit, healthy and happy. Having access to clean water makes this possible so I’m keen to do my part to make sure that everyone else has the same access to a happy and hygienic life,” said Elyse.”

The Water Challenge

The event is WaterAid’s first fundraising event. To be held on 22nd of March, coinciding with the World Water Day, the water challenge is free for everyone to join and there two ways wherein everyone can get involved:

  • Drink Just WaterThis is by challenging yourself to drink only water as your beverage for 14 or 30 days.
  • Walk for Water – By walking or running 10,000 steps a day from March 20 to 24, 2017.


Raising Awareness

This fundraising event is organised to raise awareness of the global inequality of access of water sources for developing nations. According to a survey, there is one out of ten people do not have access to safe and clean water. Many women and children walked for hours just to collect water.

Safe water sources and improved sanitation underpins health, education, and livelihoods, yet millions of people across the world live without these basic human needs. The funds raised from this event will go towards working with the local partners in setting up sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene solution needs for our neighbors in Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia.

“I believe that many of the things we take for granted are things that are very much needed by other people in the world. Every time I pick up a glass of clean water, flush the toilet or wash my hands I feel very grateful to be able to do so. This, in turn, gives me the drive to want to make the lives of others easier, more hygienic and more enjoyable by giving them these elements too.”

“By choosing to drink only water or walking 10,000 steps a day you will improve your health, and cut down on unnecessary sugar in common drinks,” she says.

To get involved and find out more please visit:

Written by James Graham

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