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Why 600,000 Social Media Fans Are Obsessed With This Fitspo Queen

Fitspo queen loves helping people lose weight

Sydney health and fitness expert Kim Beach has helped more than 20,000 people lose weight through her online programs, and she’s incredibly humble about it.

At the launch of her first book, Beach Fit, Kim even laughed several times as she acknowledged that the mainstream media in attendance had probably never heard of her!

fitspo star Kim Beach

This from a woman who has over 14,000 Instagram followers, and over half a million followers on Facebook.

“I remember the first few weeks being a real roller-coaster of emotions,” she reveals in Beach Fit.

“As I was putting myself and my ideas out to the world. I guess there is a small part of everyone that gets a little worried about how people will react and what others might think of them?”

Kim says the strength of her following is testament to the amount of real engagement she offers through social media.

“The integrity of my programs are so important to me,” she said. “That’s why I have a team and I offer real support. It’s not a ‘download’ then ‘tag your progress on Instagram’ approach.

“At the core of it, I started on this journey so I with a mission to help women live fitter, healthier lives in a sustainable way, and I’ve stayed true to that purpose.”

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Beach Fit is a natural extension of Kim’s 8-week series of programs, #noexcuses, which offer simple-to-follow exercise and meal plans underpinned by an 80:20 philosophy that can be easily and sustainably applies long term.

There’s a whole chapter on mindset, vegan recipes are included, and there’s a big emphasis on eating well rather than trying to exercise away a bad diet.

Although anyone can gain from reading the book, it’s really targeted to busy mums.

Kim puts the focus on the things that matter – like that fact that you’re eating well as opposed to whether your protein portion weighs 100 or 150 grams that day.

“Carbs in the morning, fats in the afternoon, protein throughout,” she said. “And weight training.

“It’s really about taking a ‘can do’ but simple approach and not complicating anything.

“It’s NOT worrying about trying to be perfect and just making sure that you eat and train well 80 percent of the time, and not beating yourself up if you miss a day or enjoy a night out. Consistency will win every time.

“It’s really an approach to life that is not governed by calories burned or eaten and all about being kind to yourself and overall wanting to be healthy inside and out.”

Written by Ilona Marchetta

Ilona Marchetta is an expert in interiors and sustainable living.
She has a deep appreciation for beautifully curated spaces, and is completing a Statement of Attainment in Interior Styling through Sydney Design School. Ilona is passionate about artisan pieces, sustainable living, and the impact of design on mood and experience. She holds a degree in Arts / Communication and has worked in media and corporate relations for more than 15 years, now with a focus on human behaviour as a change manager.

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