Yoga & Meditation Can Overcome Trauma

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Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains

Jun 26, 2021

No one ever thinks that trauma or bad luck will happen to them, and nor should they. 

Trauma came knocking at my door a few times and I knocked back, every single time.  

As a yoga teacher, I have the knowledge and skills of yoga and meditation, these were the main practices of daily self-help, before and after two spine surgeries. Movement (small) and breath, play such a big part in mindset and recovery.

My two spinal surgeries were the result of 6 car accidents (due to distraction of others) and a bumpy little rickshaw ride the accumulation of all was too much for my spine.

In September 2019, one of the vertebrae in my lower back had partially broken away and was covering the nerve root. This was, without a doubt, one of the most painful times in my life, I could not stand or walk and everything was difficult. I still wanted to teach yoga, so I verbally taught from a wheelchair, I could only move the top half of my body but I could still teach, I had to do it, I kept my mind busy.

In October 2016 I had L4/5 discectomy, and it was a success. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of something much bigger.

In August 2019 I felt just the slightest ‘twinge’ in my lower back. One scan revealed so much, and one phone call put my life on hold for another year.

I urgently needed spine fusion of L4/5/S1, and now have 2 rods and 6 titanium screws that hold my lower back in place. There are no words to describe this surgery and very long recovery, but I will not let it define me.

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In times like these, I cannot stress enough, how the power of our mind, can dictate the quality of our life.  My meditation strengthened my mind, which in turn strengthened my body. I could not attend yoga because I was bedridden (after spine fusion), but I was able to mentally attend a class, I could see myself there, it was so real because I wanted it to be.

Slowly, my body responded and now I live pain free life.  Life is different, my body has restrictions and I am more than ‘just fine’ and I can teach yoga!

Trudy Vains, yoga
Trudy Vains

Your mind is a very powerful tool, there is so much goodness to find alongside self-awareness, patience, persistence, self-love and positive mindset.


By Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Spine Fusion Warrior. Trudy’s book “Fused” provides inspiration and reassurance to those facing spine surgery, as well as many examples of the importance of a positive mindset in overcoming challenges.


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