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Top Nutritionists Share Secrets To Banishing Your Junk Food Cravings

secrets to ending junk food cravings

We know how tough it can be to stick to a healthy eating plan, especially when the days are getting shorter and cooler.

To help you stay on track and keep those cravings at bay, we’ve enlisted the help of two experts who know a thing or two about how to look and feel your best every day – Jessica Sepel (nutritionist/author/health expert) and Lola Berry (nutritionist/author/yoga teacher).

Lola Berry on healthy food swaps:

Lola Berry helps you with your junk food cravings


I have a massive sweet tooth so I don’t think it’s about missing out, it’s actually about replacing it with more whole food choices; I will try to go for wholefoods like bananas to add natural sweetness to smoothies or if you need a little more then dates, maple or honey but these guys do contain fructose so if you’re steering clear of fructose then try adding rice malt syrup. I also love sweetening with stevia, I make a raw choc avo mouse with avocado, raw cacao.


Good one if you want to clear up skin, there’s often hormones in the milk, also it’s a common food allergen and also high in aracadonic acid which causes inflammation in the body. So think about swapping it for almond milk (which still has a nice hit of calcium), coconut milk (go for the drinking one as the tinned stuff is a little heavier and can be harder to digest), macadamia nut milk is lovely too, or you can even try making your own at home in a blender, you can even flavour your own.

Bread and pasta

Loads of people say “I can’t quit the bread and pasta” that’s ok, it’s just about swapping it for a healthy alternative. There’s loads of healthy paleo breads out there so If you want to cut the bread but love the texture and experience. When it comes to pasta I love making meals with zucchini noodles, they have a great pasta-like texture and they’re just 100% zucchinis, there’s also great packet pastas make from mung beans and even kelp and mushroom noodles that on their own a pretty tasteless but when you add your own sauce or presto they are so delicious.

Jessica Sepel’s Top Tips:

Jessica shares tips to beat cravings

1. Listen to your cravings

They could be telling you something! For example, if you’re craving red meat, your iron might be low or if you’re craving fatty foods it could mean your hormonal system needs some love. Enjoy good fats as opposed to the bad ones like avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil etc. Listen to your body and make wise choices that work for you!

2. Eat mindfully

When you do sit down to your next meal, put away your phone, laptop, turn off the TV. Focus wholly on the food in front of you – its smell, taste, texture. Literally look down at your plate and see the nutrients that help keep your body alive and well. You’ll feel more satiated, more peaceful and satisfied with your healthy choice!

3. Make some healthy swaps

Eating healthy doesn’t mean deprivation – often, it just means finding smarter ways to enjoy your favourite foods.

  • Meet Jessica and Lola, listen to talks, watch cooking demos, and even take a hip-hop yoga class with Lola the Fitness Show, April 28-30 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney. For more information please visit:

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