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Sleep Secret: The Best Position To Recharge Your Brain

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The solution could be as simple as lying in the right position when you’re head finally does hit the pillow tonight.

A new neuroscience study suggests that of all sleep positions, one is most helpful when it comes to efficiently cleaning out waste from the brain: sleeping on your side.

Sleep Secret: The Best Position To Recharge Your Brain2

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, used dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI to image the brain’s “glymphatic pathway.”

This is the system by which cerebrospinal fluid filters through the brain and swaps with interstitial fluid (the fluid around all other cells in the body).

The exchange of the two fluids is what allows the brain to eliminate accumulated waste products, such as amyloid beta and tau proteins. What are such waste chemicals associated with? Among other conditions, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“It is interesting that the lateral [side] sleep position is already the most popular in humans and most animals–even in the wild,” says University of Rochester’s Maiken Nedergaard.

“It appears that we have adapted the lateral sleep position to most efficiently clear our brain of the metabolic waste products that build up while we are awake.”

Sleeping on your side is good for more than just optimal brain functioning. It’s helpful for those prone to snoring, those with obstructive sleep apnea, neck and back pain, and for pregnant women.

Sleep Secret: The Best Position To Recharge Your Brain3

The position elongates the spine, which helps with back pain, and mechanically opens the oropharynx, which can help with breathing.

For best results, sleep experts, chiropractors, and physical therapists recommend the following:

  • Lie on your side, but not in the fetal position. (Some bending of the knees is fine, just not all the way up)
  • Use an ergonomic pillow under your head, thick enough that your neck is supported
  • Place a small pillow between your legs, such that your spine stays straight
  • Then, count sheep.

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