Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression2
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Apr 06, 2016

Ruby, 29, says she was blown away when she was sent a tweet she posted in 2013 when she was at rock bottom.

The post stated: “It is with great sadness that despite everything I have tried in the short time I was given I am still losing my battle with depression.”

In response, Ruby shared an emotional tribute on social media which celebrated how she’d pulled herself back from the brink of despair.

“I have no words for how I thankful I am I turned my life around,” she writes.

“That post was from when I abruptly left Australia and took six months off to focus on my health and self-love. We all deserve to be happy.

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Depression Battle5

“Sending love and light to everyone who feels down right now, in a funk…Alone…Not worthy…We ALL deserve to be here. You are worthy.”

The Orange is the New Black star admits it was a shock to be reminded of how low she was at that stage of her life.

“When I posted this in relation to abruptly leaving Australia cancelling a string of shows and commitments.. I had hit a rock bottom.. I couldn’t find happiness anywhere except my dogs face and even that wasn’t enough.

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Depression Battle2

“I thought I had failed at being a human being, an adult.

“I didn’t know what to do so I left for America to work with trauma therapists and I spent pretty much all the money I had made in my life on an overpriced rehab and a lot of therapy (there are definitely other ways to do it).

“I don’t want to ramble on, I’m just feeling reflective because I chose to fight and I thought it meant I’d be able to live.

“I DIDN’T think it meant I’d be able to live my dream. I DIDN’T think it would result in this extraordinary life I get to be a part of now…

“It just makes me wonder how many others are days, hours, seconds away from realizing their worth.. Their potential.. And once the dark cloud is lifted will be truly happy and free..”

She then added the hashtags: ‘We all deserve to be here,’ and ‘We all deserve to be happy.’

Rose spoke again about her struggle as she walked the red carpet at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards in L.A. where she won a gong for promoting equality and acceptance.

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Depression Battle4

“My message was really just that, to really reflect on how many people in the world right now feel like they don’t want to go on another day, or they can’t go on another day, and they’re just seconds or minutes or days away from reaching their full potential and blossoming and being free and happy.

“I just thought that’s got to be millions of people and that’s just my message. Just hang in there, like one day at a time, and it does get better. I know that’s cliché, but it just does.”

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