Preventing Dating Exhaustion So You Don’t Give Up On True Love

Preventing Dating Exhaustion So You Don’t Give Up On True Love
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Nov 11, 2020

Today the options seem endless with online dating presenting us with a constant stream of new profiles, which can be both good and bad. It’s good because it makes it easier to meet people, but it’s bad because so many options lead to relationship hesitation, in case that next profile is “the one.”

So getting someone ready to commit to making a relationship work without checking over their shoulder to see if something better will come along is a rare find these days. Not to mention it’s a full time job sifting through profiles and messaging people to get a better idea of who they are.

To make life even harder some singles chat up people who live interstate despite knowing the logistics of a date will be a nightmare yet they still persist.

Too much dating banter happens online before face to face which is why so many suffer dating exhaustion.

Online chat allows people to filter what you learn about them while google and your imagination is left to fill in the blanks so when you finally meet in person they are not what you had in mind and so you’re left disappointed.

Once you’re in this dating rut many find the only way to get out is to choose to stay home and be single or settle for less.

That’s why it’s not surprising that by 2030 one in seven adult Australians will be single.

Surprisingly to improve your chances of dating success you need to lock in two to three dates a week, as you will get to know yourself better in what you want in a match.

And if one date isn’t right having another one to look forward to will help get over the disappointment.

Also keep the following in mind:

Limit Online: By all means join dating sites but use them to find possible suitors nearby and to organise a date. Don’t converse too much online or text. Instead wait until you are face to face to get to know them.

Tell a Friend : People forget one of the best ways to meet the love of your life can be through a friend so let friends know you are looking for love. People don’t like to interfere but give them the green light and see what happens.

Don’t Settle : Know what you want in a relationship. Be Fussy and don’t settle. If you do the relationship won’t last.

Matchmaking : Professional matchmakers are often trained in psychology and know who you’re compatible with.

About Trudy Gilbert

Trudy Gilbert, founder of Elite Introductions International has a degree in Social Science and studied Psychology at the University of NSW. Trudy has been successfully matchmaking singles over the past decade and is author of the best-selling book 49 Secrets of An Elite Matchmaker.


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