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Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer Stephanie Rice’s Top Health Advice

Australian Golden Girl Stephanie Rice Shares Her Top Beauty and Health Tips

Stephanie Rice is a three times Olympic Gold Medalist. Here, the Aussie Golden Girl, who has taken on a new role and has become the ambassador of the local beauty and wellbeing brand, Unichi, shares her health tips.

What are your go to health products and why?

As I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I exercise often, I always make sure my skin is hydrated and clean. My go-to is Forty Fathoms’ Skin Regenerator cream. Not only does it keep my face feeling fresh, but I love that it’s made from seaweed. Each morning I start the day 1/2 lemon in hot water with a tsp of coconut oil and  2  Saffronia tablets for mental and emotional balance.

Describe the current training you do on a daily basis.

I workout around 5-6 days a week depending on my work schedule. I like to do a combo of bodyweight exercises and weights. Generally my workouts last 20-30mins and I try and be as intuitive as possible and listen to what type of exercise my body feels like most.

What is your best advice to set goals and achieve them?

I wrote a whole program on this, which is my “Magical Mentoring Program” …

Most people don’t know how to set goals correctly and set them too far in the future.

You should set achievable small goals that are actionable everyday, that if done consistently will   build up to achieving a big goal.

Describe the best advice you were ever given.

Focus on yourself and always learn from every experience.


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