Lola Berry’s Top Five Tips For Better Gut Health

Lola Berry Better Gut Health
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 23, 2024

The CSIRO has revealed that over 50% of Australians suffer from digestive problems. Making it little surprise that more Aussies than ever are searching for solutions for better gut health.

Professional qualifications aside, renowned nutritionist Lola Berry’s youthful skin, lush hair and boundless energy is living proof of the power of making healthy lifestyle choices. The Carousel shared a Lime Protein Ball with the wellness advocate, and convinced her to spill her secrets for inner goodness and generally living your best life, just in time to wrap up National Gut Health Month.

Lola Berry Better Gut Health

H20 Yeah!

To start, Lola emphasises the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day. Nothing that surprisingly, thirst is not always the first indicator of dehydration; hunger can be a sign too. By sipping water regularly, you can prevent dehydration and support optimal digestive function. “So keep sipping on water throughout the day and if you don’t like the flavour of water (some people don’t) think about adding torn up mint leaves to your bottle of water or add some blueberry to ice blocks and add them to your water to give it a natural hint of flavour,” she adds.

Make fibre your friend

According to Lola, fibre acts as the interstitial broom for your digestive system, keeping things moving along smoothly. Lola recommends starting your day with high-fibre options like oats or chia pudding. Not only do these fibre-rich foods keep you feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime, but they also help curb sugar cravings, maintaining steady energy levels throughout the day. Fibre truly deserves its status as the unsung hero of the health world.

Tribotics: A gut health triple threat

While many are probably familiar with prebiotics and post biotics, Lola introduces the concept of tribiotics – featuring the newest addition, postbiotics – as the trifecta for gut health. “We know that prebiotics are food for the probiotics and when those probiotics eat the prebiotics, the body makes post-biotics; these are often enzymes, amino acids, short chain fatty acids and liposaccharides to name a few!” explains Lola.

Keen to try the tribiotic trend? Australian brand TheroNomic has just released their first gut health product, Tribiotic Gut Shield, which is essentially prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics on one supplement. 

Diversity is delicious

While humans are creatures of habit, Lola reminds us that our bodies thrive on diversity. Rather than sticking to the same few meals, embrace a wide variety of foods to provide your body with an array of nutrients. Incorporating different fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins not only keeps meals interesting but also nourishes your gut with a diverse range of beneficial nutrients.

Practice mindful munching

Finally, Lola for better gut health, Lola recommends taking a moment to to pause before you plate up. And really soak in the atmosphere when you eat – including the sounds, smells and people you’re enjoying the meal with. “Before you tuck in take a breath and sit,” she says. “Really take a moment. Then with a present mind and body enjoy your meal. This help to prevent bloating from eating on auto pilot and it also helps us to realise when we’re full.”


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Marie-Antoinette Issa is a contributor for The Carousel and has worked across news and women's lifestyle magazines and websites including Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Madison, Concrete Playground, The Urban List and Daily Mail, I Quit Sugar and Huffington Post.



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