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Emma Crameri

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 04, 2021

A few weeks ago, I visited the toilet at a hip craft brewery, and on the ledge near the taps, there was a glass bottle full of tampons. I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea.

Over the years, I’ve been asked a number of times by co-workers and friends whether I had a spare tampon. I usually keep my spare feminine products in my handbag and a makeup bag in my filing cabinet. 

When I thought about it, I couldn’t remember a time when I’d visited a friend’s place and saw their feminine products out in view in their bathroom or toilet. The industry often sells feminine products with tins and packaging that hides what is inside. 

Period Names

We call the time around having a period or menstruation, odd names – ‘visit by Aunty Flo’, ‘ crimson tide’ or ‘that time of the month’. These euphemisms contribute to period shame. 

Share the Dignity Campaign

“While the distribution of products is so important, if we still have shame and stigma surrounding  menstruation, we can’t empower those in need to take control of their period,” said Rochelle Courtenay, Founder and Managing Director of Share the Dignity.  

Share the Dignity currently requires data to prove the social, personal, and financial impacts of menstruation among Australians. As a result, they have create a three-pronged approach to ending period poverty:  

  1. Distribution of products to those in need 
  2. Education around menstruation 
  3. Reducing the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation 

Learn more about period pride and complete the bloody big survey:  


Create Your Own Tampon Jar

If you’re looking at different options on how to create your own tampon jar at home or work, then look for something that’s clear and open-ended or something where the lid comes off easily. Reusing a large glass coffee jar would be ideal. 

Amazon has a great range of bathroom and vanity countertop storage options. I found some classic apothecary canister jars. If you have a tight space, then lean towards the rectangular ones so they sit together nicely. YOKOKO make a cotton swab storage box that can be mounted on the wall and would be ideal for feminine products. 

A tampon jar is a simple way to avoid ‘period shame’ and the embarrassment of having your period arrive early or being left unprepared. 

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is an Australian charity bringing dignity to women and girls experiencing  homelessness, domestic violence, and period poverty through the distribution of period products.  

The biannual Dignity Drive aims to give dignity to those experiencing period poverty through  collecting period products across the country in all Woolworths stores and a number of nominated  businesses. 

Since Share the Dignity was founded in 2015, they have been able to donate 2.8 million packets of pads and tampons to those in need. Share the Dignity believes that everyone experiencing period poverty deserves the right to their dignity.  https://www.sharethedignity.org.au/


By Emma Crameri

Lifestyle Writer

Emma Crameri is a regular contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech. She is also the editor of the Brisbane-based food and lifestyle website Brisbanista.


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