I Beat My Post Baby Belly Through Gaming

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Jena Turner

Aug 05, 2016

But she had something going for her because her husband Joel – an entrepreneur and CEO of Dreamwell – had developed an app called Fit For Battle, which you simply download and use to help you get fit through gaming.

Here’s Jena’s story about how she got fit again.

The last few kilos are the hardest when trying to get that pre-baby body back. I tried walking, running, burpees etc. but nothing seemed to work and I simply couldn’t get the motivation to go that extra mile.

What finally worked was actually a game… I know right. An iPhone game called Fit for Battle.

After the birth of our second daughter (18 months ago), my partner, Joel went for a run and thought of a new idea. Yes, yes, he’s always got ‘ideas’, but this one could work. It would help people get through that initial uncomfortableness of returning to, or starting to walk/jog/run. People like mums who have taken 9 months off their typical exercise routine to grow a human.

Jena running with her two kids
Jena running with her two kids

The aim of the game was to create an interactive audio adventure that would sound like you are in a movie. There is a story that can actually change depending on how you walk or run – eg. Move at an increased pace for long enough to survive a crumbling bridge, or the pursuit of a bad guy. The best bit is that the game is based around your personal pace – fast or slow, walk or run.

Over a year after his ‘idea’, I finally got to test it. We had to do lots of testing. I was running with Fit for Battle 5x a week, sometimes a couple of times a day. Nothing beats interval training for helping that baby belly budge. Especially when you barely notice that you’re doing it. I get so caught up in the story that I could push through any personal aches to help my in-story team (an elf and dwarf), battle their way through challenges.

This active injection into our family has transformed our time together. First thing on a Saturday morning we are all out the door to our local Parkrun. Our 2 girls (18 months & 3 years) are most always with me (in a trailer) when I run, and we have completed a few family running events together.

Jena looks fit and fabulous
Jena looks fit and fabulous after losing her baby belly

At the beginning of this year, I couldn’t run 5km straight. And now, I’m about to complete my 2nd half marathon. I feel so much stronger and energetic for life, and I want to be a positive role model for my daughters. My 3 year old kills me when she says “I want to be just like you Mumma”.

For your chance to try out Fit for Battle, click here.

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  1. Great story, will get our staff members on this. I know I could lose a few pounds.

  2. Excellent to hear. We are really delighted that you enjoyed this story. It is certainly a new approach to exercise.

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