3 Top Tips For Men: How To Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic

3 Top Tips For Men: How To Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic

Dr Karen Phillip

Counselling Psychotherapist


Valentine’s Day is regarded as one of the most romantic days of the year.

It is the day we express our love and desire to that special person. It is also the day that men have the opportunity to demonstrate to their partner how romantic they are by showering her with love, gifts, and lavish amounts of romantic words.

How then can Men ensure they make this Valentine’s Day is the one she will always remember? How can he make his display of romance and love to his partner magnificent, even breathtaking for her?

Some of the ways to avoid any disaster includes refraining using a voucher for a discount meal and instead choose somewhere that he also needs to shower, shave and take the trouble to dress well. He doesn’t need to go to excessive expense. Planning in advance is essential. That romantic candle-lit meal can be enjoyed at a fine restaurant, at home or outside as a picnic. Whatever he decides to do to spoil the woman of his dreams needs to be special, needs to be thought out and needs some effort included.

This to any woman is part of the romance. The thought and preparation that ensures he has and is thinking of her, not just on Valentine’s Day but also days prior which is indicated by his planning. While women love the fine restaurant meal; an arranged candle-lit dinner at home, or prepared picnic basket somewhere quiet and romantic would win.

Make sure when enjoying that romantic night to refrain form all social media and technology, unless of course it is to post on social media your amazing date, just to make their friends jealous. Remember the focus is on her.

When arranging or purchasing her flowers, I suggest not to purchase from the local supermarket or garage, but make the effort to ensure a respected florist delivers a beautiful flower or flowers to her.

Writing a few personal words of love or a poem will make her heart melt. He can even use a passage he has found and change it to make it personal for her. Never leave it up to the florist to compose a verse, it is your gift to her.

Jodie McGregor Florist

Jodie McGregor Florist. Styling and photography: Lisa Tilse

Tips for him to guarantee he wins her heart on Valentine’s Day

1. Being organised, to take her to somewhere exquisite and special. Perhaps that celebrated restaurant she always wanted to go to. Intimate surroundings, soft music, low lights are always romantic.

2. Arrange a candle lit dinner at home or a romantic picnic with a blanket, champagne and prepared dinner.

3. Having flowers delivered early in the morning to set up her anticipation for the romantic day ahead.

4. Write a short poem to express your feelings and unrelenting love. Just a few personal words or short poem will make her melt.