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How to Go Green During Your Pregnancy

More and more people are deciding to switch to greener beauty products since they are healthier and contain less harmful ingredients. Pregnancy is the perfect time to consider alternative and green options when it comes to your personal care. Whether you decide to switch to different face creams or cleansers, using organic products can have multiple benefits for you and your baby.

Therefore, if you’re looking to change your beauty routine, here are some ways that will help you look good and feel good during pregnancy:

1. First of all, open your mind


Green cosmetics have become something of a trend recently, but that doesn’t mean you should outright dismiss it as a fad. The truth is, many eco-friendly cosmetic brands are also more aware of the environmental issues, so they’re taking more effort to make products that are beneficial to the environment while also being nurturing to our skin. Being open-minded can help you learn about various alternative options that you probably weren’t aware of, so feel free to experiment with various brands until you find those that work for you. Going green during pregnancy should be your decision, so if you’re already considering switching to natural cosmetics, try taking baby-steps first until you figure

2. Read the labels and ingredients

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There is a difference between natural and organic cosmetics, so make sure to know which is which (if that type of thing matters to you, of course). Natural products aren’t certified, which also means they’re not regulated and that they simply contain naturally-driven ingredients that are heavily processed and modified. On the other hand, organic products need to be certified, since there’s a strict definition regarding the ingredients and their origins.

You should know that all the ingredients are always listed from the highest percentage to lowest. For example, if you see pure alcohol listed on the top, that’s a clear sight that you should avoid that product, as alcohol is harmful and can seriously dry your skin. There are many damaging ingredients that should be avoided at all times, including pregnancy.

3. Don’t go overboard with products

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Pregnancy is the time that should be spent in peace, and while self-care can help you feel better, you shouldn’t spend your nine months feeling stressed over your beauty routine. You should definitely invest in yourself, but instead of using too many products, make sure to focus on those that you really need. When you’re looking for best skincare for pregnancy to make your skin glow you should definitely focus on the quality, not quantity. So, when picking a face cream, make sure that it has nourishing ingredients suitable for your skin type, and also, don’t forget to use a sunscreen whenever you go out, even if there’s no sun outside. Just make sure to use natural (or even physical) sunscreen, because many commercial sunscreens contain ingredients that can disrupt hormone balance. If you wish to continue using your regular sunscreen, make sure to monitor your health and stop immediately

4. Feed your face with DIY masks

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Nowadays, there are so many types of face masks so if you’ve never used them before, choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. Yet, face masks are important, especially during the pregnancy, since they’re not only beneficial to the skin, but they also have a therapeutic effect. Since going green means using products that are more natural and contain less plastic, it’s much better to make your own skin mask from the ingredients that you already have, such as avocado or egg yolks. Besides, homemade masks are much cheaper and more satisfying, so feel free to give yourself a spa treatment at least once a week.

5. Switch to natural deodorants


No matter what some might say, deodorants are necessary because nobody likes walking under sweaty armpits, even during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, most commercial deodorants are full of aluminium chloride and other toxic ingredients that have been linked to serious diseases in the past.

Alternatively, you can use natural deodorants or even create your own deodorant paste from various ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and baking soda. These options are much better for both the environment and your health, but before you start using them, make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.



One of the biggest mistakes people make when going green is to try everything at once. Since pregnancy is no joke, make sure to introduce new products only after the second trimester, and always check with your doctor beforehand so you’ll be safe. This is especially important for those who suffer from preexisting conditions and allergies. And finally, if you don’t know which brands to choose, you should know that a growing number of brands are trying to adapt their practices to ensure more greener environment and more sustainability so always remember to look for certifications and check the ingredients so you can be sure that everything is natural and safe for you and your baby.

Written by Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.

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