How Conscious Eating Helps You Make The Right Food Choices

How Conscious Eating Helps You Make The Right Food Choices

Desiree Taylor

Holistic Health Coach


Do you ever wake up in the morning, get dressed in the same way, brush your teeth the same way, walk to work the same way, have the same coffee at the same time, at the same café with the same barista, then sit down at your desk and don’t even remember how you got there?

These types of patterns you run every day without any thought, are automatically processed through your subconscious mind. You don’t really pay much attention to them and don’t question the choices you make.

Most of the time you can also eat ‘unconsciously’, just like when you get dressed in the morning or have your coffee or take the same route to work, you can eat without stopping for a second to view what is on your plate and think about how the food will serve you once inside your body.

It is so important to start eating ‘consciously’ and to stop and think about your emotional connection to the food you are consuming.

Take the time to check in with yourself to really see what is going on behind the scenes and what you are really craving!

Are you eating because you are;

  • Upset?
  • Bored?
  • Lacking love?
  • Addicted?
  • Craving Nutrients?
  • Lacking fulfilment in other areas of life?
  • In need of exercise or movement?
  • Or just hungry?

By eating consciously and by bringing awareness to each and every meal, you can slowly begin to see your behavioural patterns and your emotional connection to the foods you consume.

It is so empowering when you become your own food detective and gain back control over your food choices, instead of it controlling you!

Now I am not suggesting you sit at your desk or dinner table for hours and examine everything on your plate, I am simply suggesting to start taking a few seconds before each meal or drink and ask yourself some key questions.

Does this meal have enough wholefoods that will nourish my body for the big meeting I have this afternoon? Why am I eating this cake or having this extra glass of wine? Is it because I am lonely? Bored? Unfulfilled?

By starting to ask these questions and become your own detective, you will start to uncover why you eat what you eat and can take necessary steps to gain fulfillment in other ways that are completely satisfying!

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