Free Shoulder Massages At The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Pamela Connellan

Lifestyle Editor

Mar 24, 2022

Elektra Magnesium will be exhibiting at the 2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show from the 8th to the 19th April, after the show’s two-year break due to COVID. At the Elektra stand, there’ll be free demonstrations of 5-minute neck and shoulder massages using Elektra Magnesium products, so people can feel the difference transdermal magnesium makes to relax and soothe tight muscles, aches or pains.

CEO of Elektra Magnesium, Sandy Sanderson, says the show helps raise awareness about how magnesium is used to recover from stress and maintain overall health.

Sandy has felt strongly about the need for magnesium supplementation for many years, and it was in fact the reason she started the company in 2008. As she says: “Magnesium is the master mineral electrolyte our body needs to perform so many functions. It’s essential for our electrical and nervous systems – like a power plug. As it’s significantly depleted now in our soils and general food supply, and we lose it excessively from stresses or traumas, physical exertion, sleep deprivation, injury and pain etc, we often can’t get enough from diet alone to refill our cellular tanks.”

She adds however there is good news because magnesium can easily be absorbed via the skin: “This means no further work to digest is required. It completely bypasses the digestive system and any potential bowel upsets, as often happens with oral magnesium supplements. You can feel the effects of magnesium faster, such as calmness and relief of stress,” she says.

“If stress and anxiety remain unresolved, it can lead to inflammation and disease, as the immune system becomes compromised. Have you noticed you are most likely to catch colds and flu after a lot of stress?” she adds.

At the 2019 Royal Easter Show, Sandy Sanderson was interviewed on the show’s radio about how magnesium can help with many chronic health conditions and why it is essential to maintain wellbeing. You can listen to the recording below:

Elektra Magnesium’s products are made in Australia using proprietary methods from natural and organic plant oils and extracts, infused with natural magnesium chloride salts (food grade). They cater for all ages and skin types to provide skin barrier protection and hydration, anti-ageing effects, as well as calming effects to enhance sleep quality and rapid muscle relaxation with massage.

Why is it a good idea to apply magnesium via the skin?

The digestive system can only cope with small amounts of magnesium, such as what would be in mineral water and foods. Sandy says that higher concentrations, such as in many oral magnesium supplements, tend to be largely excreted before enough can be absorbed into the body via the gut wall: “They also work like laxatives and can irritate the bowel,” she says.

“Transdermal magnesium – via the skin – is a gentler way of absorbing dissolved magnesium chloride salt in greater amounts and faster,” she adds. “After massaging in Elektra Magnesium Creams, Lotion and/or Spritz, you can feel the difference within minutes.”

“If you get into the habit of using it every day as part of your normal self-care routine you can make sure you’re getting an optimal magnesium supply. It’s not a drug like aspirin where you wait for the pain to come before taking it. Magnesium is a vital nutrient that we need every day, and it’s as essential as water. When you get enough magnesium, you feel energised and stronger because magnesium enhances cell hydration and electrical energy production,” she says.

You can’t overdo your application of transdermal magnesium, according to Sanderson. She says this is because the magnesium sits in the skin reservoir and is taken up by the body as it needs it, and in its own time: “The body is in control and nothing is being artificially pushed in,” she adds.

Use magnesium to increase your energy levels

Sandy says that as we get older, our movements often become restricted due to pain. We can also start to feel low in energy to the point where we lose the joy of life. But she says: “Incrementally, over a number of months of daily use, when optimum cell magnesium levels are restored, we experience an increasing energetic lift, better sleep and improved resilience to recover from daily stresses. As a result, we feel happier, and depression clears. Of course, the extra magnesium always needs to be part of a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle routine. Magnesium supports your full complement of nutrients to boost their effects.”

People who’ve used Elektra Magnesium’s flakes, creams, lotions and spritz have said they start to sleep better, their twitches stop, muscles and joints are less painful (or the pain clears completely), injuries heal faster, and their skin looks healthier. These are typical customer reviews which Elektra Magnesium customers upload to the website regularly. Sandy says, “Our customers are our best sales people!”

“Magnesium is the Master Mineral Electrolyte for cell defence and to drive the electrical-nervous system. It’s like a power plug. Life cannot exist without magnesium – it’s as important as water for life,” she says

Elektra Magnesium has a wide range of popular products, including the four varieties of Elektra Magnesium Cream for anti-ageing skin care and muscle massage, a Baby Calm Balm for the very sensitive skin types, as well as Magnesium Charge Lotion and Magnesium Oil Spritz for more heavy-duty needs. They also have food grade Magnesium Flakes which are used to remineralise filtered drinking water, or for bathing and foot soaking.

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By Pamela Connellan

Lifestyle Editor

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