Bondi Rescue’s Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll Shares His Top Sun-Smart Tips For Kids

Bondi Resue star shares sun tips
James Graham


Oct 25, 2021

When Bondi Rescue star Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll isn’t busy saving the hoards of locals and tourists at Sydney’s Bondi Beach he loves spending time with his adorable sons, sons Billy and Leo.

But when they’re out and about in the harsh Aussie sun together, ‘Harries’ also knows he can’t drop his guard for a second.

Here, he shares his top 3 tips for ensuring his boys are always happy and protected.

1. Make sunscreen a daily habit

I apply sunscreen to my kids every morning. I talk to my three-year-old about the importance of not getting burnt and how sunscreen is protective. He likes to rub it in himself and knows that we can’t play outside until his sunscreen is on. Leo wears sunscreen without any problem. We have had no reaction whatsoever. Teaching them about sunscreen and helping them to rub it in together and learning to be sun smart are an excellent way to avoid fussy kids moments. Being in the sun all day is part of my job as a Bondi Lifeguard, and it has made me very conscious about being sun safe. I am always on the lookout for the newest and best sunscreen available.

2. But let them feel like they’re calling the shots

I take them shopping to choose their own hat that they want to wear – sometimes half the battle is that they just want to pick it themselves. In summer we wear hats everywhere. At the beach, we set up an umbrella so the kids can be in the shade, but still be able to make sandcastles.

3. Vitamin D deficiencies can happen to anyone

A year ago I was diagnosed with having very low vitamin D. It came as a real shock because naturally, I thought the one vitamin I would not be lacking is the “sunshine” vitamin, vitamin D; no-one spends more time in the sun than me!  I started using Solar D because I need to remain 100% sun safe but needed to improve my vitamin D.  My last visit to the doctor proved I was back at a healthy level, and I have not been sunburned once.

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