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BierYoga: Downward Dog, Then Down That Brew!

BierYoga: The Unique Experience To Enjoy A Beer With Yoga Benefits

This new kind of yoga comes from Germany – that’s why it’s originally called Bieryoga – and has been created by Emily and Jhula, two certified yoga teachers (and beer lovers!) from Berlin.

Even if it sounds like a funny concept, it’s actually very serious and professionally organised. The purpose is not to get drunk on a gym mat but to enjoy an energising experience where “the joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other”.

You don’t need to have any yoga experience, just to be curious, love beer and be over 18.

So as I  met all these criteria, I went to one of the Sydney sessions at The Sheaf bar in Double Bay. No one there seemed to know what to expect but everyone – experienced yoga practitioners, and newbies like me –  looked very curious to see what would happen.

BierYoga: Enjoy A Beer With Yoga Benefits
Picture Credit: Bieryoga Facebook page

After a few sips waiting for the session to start, we began doing yoga poses and stretches. The succession of different movements included carrying our beer, and moving it from an hand to another to finally reach a “beer salutation” pose or just a beer degustation moment.

From the downward facing dog, half moon, to the classic tree pose, we had to manage our body balance and of course the beer bottle’s, especially when it was standing on our heads!

Maybe a few beers had been partially spilled on the floor but no bottle smashed, and no accident due to drunk yoga partners… Because don’t think that it’s another binge-drinking invention! The purpose is to pair the pleasure of beer drinking with the yoga philosophy. And if you don’t believe in this concept, Emily and Jhula will invite you, in a very zen attitude, to Namaste away !

BierYoga: Enjoy A Beer With Yoga Benefits
Picture Credit: Bieryoga Facebook page

Living in Melbourne, they brought their innovative concept with them and proposed a few sessions in Australia. Check the new events in Sydney and Melbourne on their Facebook page, and get ready for the most unusual bieryoga experience !

Price: $10 + the price of your beer(s)

Written by Mathilde Gomez


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