Author Helen Jacobs Helps You Access Your Intuition And Find Your Purpose

Sadie Archibald

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Feb 28, 2022

Imagine life delivered you a series of clues, leading you to different moments of your life. It would be a shame to miss these clues and the opportunities they present. It is not our heads that help us understand ourselves, but more our feelings and intuition. As Helen Jacobs describes in her book ‘You Already Know’: “It is like breadcrumbs dropped in between all our other plans”. So here is how to listen to your intuition and live up to your highest potential according to life coach Helen Jacobs.

Think Less, Feel More

Often throughout life we have been told to suppress, ignore or disguise our feelings, leading to our thoughts overshadowing how we feel. Positive feelings of happiness, contentment and openness show that we are aligned with our purpose. Therefore feelings of sadness, anger and dissatisfaction outline that we need to reconsider where we are in life. We must trust these feelings and find a balance between what we think and how we feel.

Ask yourself, how do you feel about your life right now? What does this feeling tell you? Do your thoughts align with your emotions? You can validate and feel your own emotions, as opposed to letting anything outside of yourself tell you how you should feel.

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Once you have uncovered how you really feel, it is essential that you trust these feelings. Trust your gut! Ever had a bad feeling about someone or someplace, yet there is nothing ” logical” to explain why? Do not label these feeling as “silly”. Imagine this intuition as a wiser version of yourself, which truly wants what’s best for you always.

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By regularly writing in a journal you are forced to come to terms with what you are thinking and feeling. If you date when you write, journals can become tangible evidence of your progress as you uncover your purpose. You can write down goals and try to align your emotions and actions to help you achieve this. Or simply use it as a place to vent how you are feeling. Try writing down all the things that do make you feel good and see if you can do those things more regularly.

Have Fun

So often we forget to have fun amongst the sea of commitments we tie ourselves to. But fun can be found in most situations. Having fun reminds us to be in the present moment and not stress about the past or the future. Fun allows us to feel good, which as Jacobs writes ” is like an energetic magnet to bring us more of the same feelings”. Ask yourself, where can you have more fun? How can you bring more fun into your life? Do you feel comfortable in having fun?

Connect With Nature

Whether it be a park, a bush walk, a farm or a beach, nature is often a place that is away from the stressful city life and can help bring feelings of peace. Whilst it may be hard to connect wth nature in an urban area, try bringing the outdoors in by pot plants, fresh flowers, or crystals. Nature, unlike humans is never in a rush and reminds us what it means to just be in the moment.


No excuses. No more ” I cant seem to silence my mind”, thats what meditation is for. Meditation does not have to be sitting in silence or in a pose. Meditation is about mindfulness and can be found even in mundane moments of our busy lives. It is the act of quieting your mind and sinking beneath the chatter to listen to your inner wisdom. It can simply be lying down and letting your mind at ease, or walking in nature. As long as you give yourself some time to let your mind be quiet and present.

Happier Days
Meditation Can Help Clarify The Mind And Create A General Feeling of Happiness.

You’re Not Off Path, Purpose Cannot Be Measured.

If you knew you couldn’t fail or get it wrong, what’s the thing you would most like to do with your life?

Whilst there may be external circumstances that can affect your mood, you can change your expectations set upon yourself through perspective. There is never one path for you, nor are you on the wrong path. This is a judgement from your mind. Your experiences are all beneficial for your learning. What is important is that you acknowledge the lessons you have learned in life and that you understand the importance of your unique gifts. Our life does not happen to us, it happens for us.

“Discovering who you are is one half of your purpose and the other half is to live it”. – Helen Jacobs

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About Helen Jacobs

A trained journalist, Helen Jacobs was a successful PR and marketing exec who left her thriving career to become a full-time psychic medium, hosting popular workshops and events to provide thousands of readings for people all over the world. In addition to her work as a medium, Helen mentors and teaches women how to change their lives and find a more meaningful path for themselves.


By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

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