5 Ways To Regain Control And Promote Better Bladder Health

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Nov 23, 2022

Jeff Butterworth shares his tips on how you can regain control of your bladder health.

Constantly visiting the bathroom day and night? Or do you often feel the need to rush to the loo for fear of an accident? You’re not alone.

A quarter (25%) of women of reproductive age and 50% of the menopausal population suffer from bladder weakness or urinary incontinence. For men, it affects 50% over 50 years old, with the number increasing dramatically with age.

Factors such as childbearing, obesity, chronic constipation, diet, lifestyle and age contribute to the bladder muscles becoming weak and less able to hold or control the flow of urine.

Sufferers of poor bladder health often experience inconvenience, embarrassment, limited mobility and reduced confidence—all shown to negatively impact the individual’s emotional wellbeing and reduce their quality of life.

In fact, studies show that less than 50% of people with poor bladder control tell their doctor or even their partner.

Co-founder of Happy Healthy You and Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience specialising in working with hormonal disorders, Jeff Butterworth says there are achievable and easy ways to improve your bladder health.

Bladder Health
Co-founder of Happy Healthy You, Jeff Butterworth, shares 5 ways to regain control of your bladder health

5 ways to regain control and promote better bladder health

1. Collagen and Silica

“Collagen and Silica are essential elements of connective tissue. As we age a combination of a weakening of connective tissue along with structural damage i.e. childbirth and or hysterectomy weaken the bladder. Collagen and Silica provide the essential nutritional elements to start strengthening the connective tissues surrounding the bladder.”

2. Corrective exercises

“In combination with providing the nutritional elements, specific corrective exercises will start to repair and
strengthen surrounding bladder tissues. Breathing and Pelvic floor muscle (PFM) exercises are a great way to do this. PFM is a physical therapy where you squeeze and relax the muscles you use to hold in and release urine. Gradually they will strengthen and will reduce unwanted leaking.”

3. Antispasmodic and urinary calming herbal medicines

“Specific herbal medicines can exert a powerful influence over the urinary system. Taking antispasmodic and urinary calming herbal medicines can reduce the urgency, improve urine clearance, and calm the urinary system. Happy Healthy You’s Happy Bladder is a naturopathically formulated herbal medicine blend that has undergone 15 years of product research and development, and can help with bladder control issues.”

4. Correct hydration

“Although drinking more fluid is counterintuitive, it is important not to concentrate urine by avoiding fluids. Concentrated urine can irritate the urinary system and encourage frequency when urine clearance is not being achieved. It is recommended to drink 2L of water a day.”

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5. Alkaline forming diet

“Foods are either acid or alkaline forming in the body. For example, plants are generally alkaline forming whilst processed foods, sugar and alcohol are more acid-forming. Consuming a diet free from sugar, alcohol, coffee and processed foods whilst tending towards a more plant-based diet filled with fruits, vegetables and legumes will provide more dietary fluids and have a calming influence on the bladder and urinary system.”

For further information or advice, connect with Jeff via the Happy Healthy You Community groups here or listen in to the Happy Healthy You Podcast here.

About Jeff Butterworth

Jeff Butterworth B.App. Sc, N.D is a Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience specialising in working with hormonal disorders. He is the Co-Founder of Australian-based health and lifestyle company, Happy Healthy You. Jeff developed the Happy Hormones program after discovering a unique way of supporting healthy hormonal balance that may have long lasting and effective benefits.


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